I so wanted to cast on for a fun chevron striped scarf with all my new yarn, but I had a few outstanding projects hanging over my head so I figured I better bite the bullet and figure out the i-cord handle for my bag. Turns out, not that hard.

(side note, do you like that jacket? Tags are still on it, I’m deciding) The bag is so stretchy. I was afraid it would be too small for anything. Not so my friends.

I totally recommend this project. It cost me about two dollars in cheap cotton yarn, and the pattern is free right here.  That leaves the baby surprise sweater, a blanket (which is long term), and a few random socks. So I think I’m ready for something new.

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  1. I don’t knit, but I love the purse. I also love, love the jacket, a must keep. I hope you get back to scrapping soon, I have loved seeing your pages.
    This is my first comment even though I read your blog daily. I guess I need to update my own blog.
    keep up the living, laughing and loving.

  2. Hi from a lurker 🙂
    Love the jacket! I’m looking for something like that, but prefer denim or apple-green… any suggestions? 🙂
    Love the bag too, definitely something I could do from stocking stuffers this christmas…
    Just wanted to let you know that I love what you share on here!
    Thank you!
    The Netherlands

  3. I never wudda guessed that bag was that small the way it stretches!!! Nice! And I LOVE that jacket!

  4. love it both the bag and your jacket!! the puff sleeves are the cutest. I want to start knitting, is it hard?! you are such great inspiration. 🙂

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