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This weekend was all about the yarn. I was doing so well scrapbooking, but then my printer decided it did not want to communicate with my computer. This coincided with a Blue Moon Fiber Arts de-stash sale. BMFA is located in Oregon, near Portland, but they don’t have a shop or anything you can visit. They sell online and are known for their Socks that Rock yarn. For an awesome example of knitting with this yarn see January One blog. So yummy. Mmmm especially these.  So Sciarrino and I got up early and head to the craziness that is the de-stash sale. It took a little over an hour and a half to drive there, and we stopped so I could get a little breakfast before heading to the sale. This was either a huge mistake, or a very good thing as it put us at the sale about six minuets after it started. People were crazy (but in a totally nice, after all we’re all Oregonians here kind of way). Another guest managed to snap some pictures of the madness. Here is one that I’m in (far left corner). I grabbed a bunch of lovely yarn.
I started winding some so I could swatch it up.

Lots of Socks that Rock in medium weight. I got a few lightweight. Heavyweight was all sold out by the time I got to it. I also got some mystery cotton cone yarn.

Not sure what I am going to do with it, but that is like 1,200 yards for $8. I swatched some up on size two needles.

Maybe a little baby jumper for V? Find a really cute tee to go under. It’s not that stretchy since it’s cotton, but I liked knitting with it. Plus I think since it’s been on the cone it will bloom when I wash it.

I also swatched up the Socks that Rock. This is on size 4 needles. The top is the light weight, the bottom the medium weight. You can see all of my yarn on my flickr page or my ralvery stash page. I got some yarn for my mom as well. I’m really happy with everything I got, Sciarrino bought some amazing stuff, and if we would have gotten there any earlier I might have walked away with too much (or maybe I already did if you ask Bj)!

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  1. Glad my DH caught you in one of our pics – he was my official photographer, since I was too busy scarfing up yarn! I love the color of that 2nd skein, the green is so pretty with the other colors. Isn’t Tina just a color magician?

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