Finished Object: Cheveron Scarf

This chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts was so much fun to knit… when I started. I added an extra repeat in the middle to make it wider because I like to wrap scarfs around my head in the rain. It’s such a mindless easy pattern, with only one pattern row out of four:

And now a picture of me with my secret identity. Did you know I wear glasses? Probably not because I avoid wearing them at all costs. I used to only have to wear them when I drove, but I have been having killer headaches lately. So I’m off to get a new prescription today. I want to find some bigger plastic frames, but I always have such trouble, I seriously have the smallest head ever. I’m surprised there is room for brains in there sometimes, remember

(which are also prescription) from Booth and Bruce. And ideas? Cool places around here to look?

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  1. your scarf turned out BEAUTIFULLY!
    good luck finding new glasses…
    show us what you end up getting!
    i’m thinking i need to make an eye appointment myself.
    i’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately
    and been wondering if it’s eye strain. ugh.

  2. The scarf is pretty!
    Glasses? Well, I always have luck at Costco…I know, not the place you would think to find eyewear, but seriously, check em out. (and while you’re there, maybe you will find some jewelry, socks, and a big tub of mayo–jk 😀

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