Family Christmas Shoot

On Saturday I got to hang out with my mini BFF, V. Oh my goodness she is loosing baby fat, noooooo…. Seriously she has a ton more sounds, is walking so quick, and has a real giggle. 18 months, sigh I can’t believe it.

(I totally over processed this one for fun).

You should be able to click on that for a full size version.
We found that couch outside a dorm and I had Brett drag it out to the walk. It was a smoker’s couch (ew)  so good thing you can’t smell this picture. Violet was constantly on the go, attack the photographer mode:

Hehehe. Oh and the coat. I made her this cute little dress for Christmas and got her this coat (from the gap, but I think sold out now, can’t find it) and some striped tights to go with. I had to give it to her early and she loved it, yeah!

She was running back and forth giving hugs. Maybe the cutest thing ever?

Hehehe, that’s a good representation of her cute little march way of walking. I think I mentioned that I got the totally rad actions, and I used a bunch of those on these. I love em!

Also if you saw my big Dymo on this post, and you want one of her own, someone just posted one on eBay. I don’t know the seller or anything, but I thought I’d give a heads up as they don’t come on that often.

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  1. can’t wait to see the whole shoot—your compositions are getting more engaging and the settings are perfect. V is starting to look like a little lady. And I think Michele has the same scarf as me (her green one but mine is purple).
    You two look like best friends—you play the GM role very well, she’s a lucky little GD.
    Love it!

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