Grandpa’s take on Oregon

Grandpa has a few doctor’s appointments this week, the first of which was yesterday. He had to have a big thing scrapped of his head (um, I almost gagged when they were doing it, had to stick my fingers in my ears and hum). So we’re sitting in the waiting room (for a long time), and grandpa decides he wants to chat:

Grandpa: "I read in the news today that there are 79 million obese people in the United States… I think they all live in Oregon"

Me: (in a whisper) "Grandpa stop!"

Grandpa: "Why do you always stop me, don’t you want to know the truth?"

Me: "Sometimes it’s not appropriate."

Ya, like when there is a very over-weight person right across from us staring. Oh my lord, how embarrassing. Then he had to get up and complain that his appointment should be on time, and he was in the military and people did things when they said they would. I just kept apologizing to the nurse. Though I was sort of laughing inside (which made me have the foresight to take notes on my iPhone, which I often do). I mean it totally reminds me of a little kid, or I guess me as a little kid. My mom’s told me I said things like, "Why is that woman wearing clown makeup?" So karmic payback I guess.

But isn’t it amazing that California is so wonderful? Who knew they had no traffic, no obese people, and perfectly timed appointments? Not me!

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  1. I’m so glad you shared this wisdom from Grandpa. He knows the secret of why everyone is moving to Oregon from California- they are evidently tired of living in Pleasantville.

  2. While I don’t remember that particular statement… I do remember a very young child saying from across the room at a Baskin & Robbins “Wow look at that lady’s really big bottom!” and yes the woman was standing between me and the very young child. Like they say “what goes around, comes around!” So be nice everyone!

  3. That made me giggle glad you saw some of the funny side. Sometimes I say things like that accidentally.
    I’ll tell you the stories sometime. xxx
    p.s. what was scraped out of where? {intrigued}

  4. grandparents say the wildest things!! My mom does that sometimes “whispers” right in front of someone she is talking about, talk about embarrasing!!

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