Crafty Day + Tree Skirt

Yesterday I had another craft day in the "lower level." It was so fun having people pop in and out from 9-9. Sciarrino brought muffins to start off the day, then Sarah joined us with a couple of her friends from Corvallis, one of them it turned out Sciarrino and I knew from crew (small world). Tex popped in, as did my mom, my neighbor Tracy, her daughter, then her daughter’s friends, and a new friend of mine who works with my brother. So much fun!

I guess I also pieced another quilt top and bottom, but when you see how easy that is you won’t be thinking I’m so very fabulous. I did have fun tying the tree skirt around myself and making Sciarrino laugh by plopping myself on the floor, raising my arms and making like a tree. I think you had to be there, I was so tired and not quite thinking correctly.

Anyway see up there how I have my hair cut? And I have it tucked behind my ears? Well Bj loves it when I don’t do the ear tucking thing, like blow dry it and let it be next to my face, the only thing is it goes in front of my face, like in my eyes all day. If you have my length hair how do you wear it not tucked behind your ears? I’ve seen tons of people do this, but my left eye just ends up covered all day long or I find myself shaking my hair back like I’ve got a rare seizure (I couldn’t think of that word so I had to just go lay on the floor pretending to have one and ask Bj what that’s called, LOL) disorder. So ya, ideas? Products?

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  1. Beautiful tree skirt! Grant and I use an old Christmas table cloth for our tree skirt…go ahead and laugh, but it works great! And the hair? I have no idea…i CAN’T STAND IT when my hair is touching my face!! So I’m with you. Maybe if you find a different way of styling it that isn’t all in your face and that BJ likes, it’s win-win! Good luck!! 🙂

  2. I’m so happy you got the tree skirt done!
    It doesn’t look too big under your tree at all – looks great! 🙂
    thanks again for hosting such a fun day!
    (would you mind emailing me that picture? thanks!)

  3. okay I just noticed your TV links over there…
    I love Jon & Kate + 8! I thought I was the only person that watched that! 🙂 Can you imagine? They are cuties though!

  4. Wow, the skirt is gorgeous! It’s Sacramento hotel room crafting but way more upscale!!!!!..LOL. I miss doing the crafty stuff over the Holidays with you girls!

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