Button fun happy times

Ah thanks for all the love yesterday. I did have a bowl of oatmeal this morning. I think using water instead of milk was the number one best idea. I tried it in the microwave this morning, watched it like a hawk, did not cover, and took it out to stir a few times. I would consider it a mild success. I did eat it at least, with a teaspoon of brown sugar (only 15 calories!) and some cinnamon. But I decided I need to try my hand at something I could accomplish with out fail, after yesterday’s falterings. So I present to you buttons!

Of the home-made variety. So easy, just get one of these sets (and you can get refills as needed). Put all the layers together, done and done. These are actually for Brenda. We did that little swap, remember? And I am so terrible that I am just getting the package out. But it’s filled with lots of love, hope you like it Brenda! My mom and I had a foot massage yesterday (thanks Bill!) and we had to stop by the antique mall downtown.

Mmmm more buttons. I love the old cards too (remember

Right now it looks like a baby beret. I hope if fits!

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  1. The beginnings of your hat look fantastic!
    And buttons for me? Lovely. I hope you did like the package I sent Amber, I’m sure it will be very lame when compared with yours.
    Sorry about the pattern drafting thing 🙁

  2. The hat is adorable, I’m only slightly disappointed you didn’t try your great grandma’s recipe!

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