Hey does anyone out there have a sheet of this Scrapworks patterned paper?
If you do and you can send it to me tomorrow priority mail (or if you live close that would be awesome also) I would love a sheet. I need more of it for my jar tags for this month. I totally spaced when I picked the paper that one sheet wouldn’t be enough now that I do fifty of them. I will owe you so totally big time, so if there is anything of mine you would like… I know someone out there has to have a sheet of this. Thanks!

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  1. Just wanted to say that, if you don’t locate this paper, it looks like an easy one to replicate with a few colors of cheap acrylic paints. I’ve been using journal prompts of 1″ squares with interesting combos from various magazines. The idea is to replicate the square as an entire page, using the colors and patterns as per each square. Just an idea in case….

  2. hi remember me?
    never underestimate the power of a scanner-printer combo… I know someone who might be of assistance if it’s needed.

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