Bust a Bucket

Tonight Bj and I headed to a concert in Portland with Brian and Melissa. It was awesome, Jose Gonzalez, you rock! Jose is a Swedish singer-songwriter. You might know one of his songs from that awesome Sony Bravia commercial. He sang all my favorites, including Down the Line. His voice is so yummy.

On the way up there we were talking about lots of random things, as if often the case. Somehow we got onto the subject of the Blazers (our professional basket ball team). And I brought up Bust a Bucket. I keep bringing this up because I want someone else to go, "oh ya, I remember that." But I haven’t gotten a lot of response. See back in 1992 the Blazers were white hot, they ended up winning the Western part of the playoffs (I know nothing of the structure of basketball playoffs, nor the game really). It was the coolest thing in school to talk about the blazers, wear something related to the blazers, or try and sing the chorus of Bust a Bucket, a song hey made with a local radio station. Well Brian said he did know it, and then Bj said, "Oh Luke can sing that." So we called him, and he did, and he told me it was on YouTube. And now I’ve just had one of the best flash backs ever. Check it out

Any other fans out there?

What I remember: getting up early with my dad to stand in line at Fred Meyer’s for Blazer’s Western Conference winner T-Shirts so I could wear one to school. My little AM/FM radio that had a tape player and this single was in there a lot that spring. Staying up late to watch a game on TV. Watching my dad do his winner’s hand rub thing (he rubs his hands together when he’s really excited about something). Never being able to say: "Bust a Bucket who’d a dunk it Blazer duty Super sunk it Slamn’ Geez it Killer Three’s it go up get got it good" My favorite part was, "It was rip city show time, fully fantastic, positively Portland, slam bombastic!"

Okay that was fun. 🙂

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  1. People don’t remember that song seriously? Who didn’t listen to Z100 back then????

  2. OMG! That WAS fun!! What amazing cleverness! First time I ever heard this–TFS!
    Remember the SF Giants theme song for a while was “Who let the dogs out”? Also a fun game day song!

  3. I remember that!!! My family also went to Dairy Queen and got the collectors glasses with the characatures of the blazers on them! My dad said they made good beer glasses 🙂 Woa, flashback!

  4. me and a buddy from work were messing around on youtube and found the bust a bucket video…I have now made it my life goal to bring it back!…it brings back the best child hood memories!

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