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On Saturday my mom, Sciarrino, her mom, and I took a class at our local quilt shop. Sciarrino and I saw the quilt in the window of the shop before Christmas and my mom was sweet enough to get me the class for one of my presents.

The cutting took FOREVER!! I think it will be totally worth it. I loved using the design wall they had in the class, things stick up there so well:

Sciarrino’s progress (love the colors, I have that floral in mine as well, it’s cool how different fabrics can look when paired with others). I decided I had to have a design wall as well. I saved the big poster boards that we used to hold pictures at the wedding and covered one with the plain flannel yesterday (just stapled it to the back)

Oh the letters, found those last night at goodwill:

Two bucks, had to get it. It reminds me of these toys I had when I was little, little boards with printed flannel, set up like a house, or a girl, and then shapes that could stick on shaped like furniture or clothes. It’s a vague memory but I think it was something like that.

When I was looking at the games section at Goodwill I also picked up these Latin learning cards. I like to pretend I’ll use the other side and teach myself Latin (I used to love to memorize Greek and Latin root words), but I’ll probably just use the English side for scrapbooking.

Oh and did you know it’s mustache March?
ew mustacheses (no idea how to spell the plural, obviously), yuck! Don’t worry my brother shaved this porn star classic after one day.

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  1. There are two things that I find great here. One is the cool letters and latin learning cards. The second is how I can’t tell if your brother is showing off his fingers or his mustache. Wait, is that the mustache brush in photoshop?!?

  2. I wish I’d find some old felt letters!
    I show your page to my husband so he knows we’re not the only ones buying odd stuff at the thrift! My latest finds are some old binder labels and half size (A5) dividers. (I can’t function properly without my half-size notebook… oh, and I have to make my own planner pages. btw- have you designed you’re own planner? THAT would be interesting to see!)

  3. So glad you shaved the mustach Brent! Oh and that class was FUN! inspired me to sew more!

  4. those quilts look super!
    circles…how fun! I can barely sew a straight line so I’m way impressed!
    cool thrift finds…I think I’ll hit up the goodwill here on my way home!

  5. The patience you all have for quilting (especially circles–with tweezers!?!?!) is amazing to me…because I sooooo don’t have that! I frustrate easily…
    Glad Brent shaved that thing off his face (sorry Brent…looks kinda like a dirty sanchez…LOL)

  6. What a great find! I loved the felt board!! At my daycare, we had a felt board they used to illustrate the bible stories like fishes and loaves, jonah, noah, and so on. I always asked if I could just play with the felt board and sometimes they would let me. I always hope that I’ll find one of those old bible sets when I’m out at the flea market.
    I have to admit that I am fairly covetous of your mad thrifting skillz…

  7. Hi Amber, I just got your package, thank you so much. I love it all. Gorgeous.
    Your quilting class looks like fun, how nice to be able to do that with your mum 🙂

  8. Hahaha. I think we are all glad the mustache march madness is over. Until next year. lol. I’m glad you got proof of it though, Amber, because I didn’t even think of it!

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