Girly Layouts

Wouldn’t you know it a clean studio = more creative energy! While listening to the first audio message for my big picture scrapbooking class I worked on these two layouts:
Remember I take pictures of my layouts instead of scranning (stitching a 12×12, hate it), so they may look a little funky sometimes (this is me assuring you that the above is indeed straight). Using my favorite of all time Quickutz, Roxy. Just got an email last night, and they have re-released it!!! I got it when you bought all the sections differently (lowercase, uppercase, lowercase shadow, etc). So I’m trying hard not to be an I want, I want, I want with that.

Just a few simple layouts, and it was easy enough to focus on the audio and the layouts. I should get to organizing my photos. One thing she said was to track down all my photos. I was thinking, no, I’m sure they are just in these few boxes (the pre-digital ones). I went downstairs just to double check, and yep, I do have photos everywhere. Hmm…. This could be a process. But not for today, I’m off to a quilting class with my mom, Sciarrino and her mom (fun, fun!).

p.s. I’ve decided at this rate of patterned paper usage I will have enough to last me until approximately 2092.

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  1. I’m back, and here you go again!
    Your top one reminds me of ink transfer – – one of my favorites to do back in college, especially with watercolor. I can see the art in your work, and it makes me think I can actually do this, too! (most of what I’ve seen is waaay ‘crafty’) Thank you for sharing! -nikki

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