And suddenly I feel a lot better

For all of you who recommended Nancy’s yogurt and probiotics, I thank you. Man do I feel better. Like so much better. It was rough going there for a while, especially for Bj who had to go get me everything, go to the post office for me, clean up, ah he’s the best! And now that I’m feeling better I had to get my butt in gear (as my mom would say). I spent the morning cleaning. Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning mirrors, and scrubbing the floors (vinegar FTW!) to get ready for….

Our new furniture!!! Oh my goodness do I love it so. Yes I do! Now hush all you who are going to say terrible things about our foolishness with white. Here is the thing. We do realize that it is white. That we are going to be careful around it. That we will not eat in here (can I get an amen, I am sick of eating in front of the telly). I do know that I have an almost two year old god-daughter, but still I believe we can keep it clean. However we do have a back up plan. We got our pieces sprayed with some kind of repellent, and we also got an additional warranty just for the cleaning part. It lasts for ten years, and if you get anything on the piece they’ll come out and clean it. If they can’t then they replace the cushion, or chair, whatever. If the fabric’s been discontinued than they will replace all three pieces. Sound too good to be true? Well one of Bj’s co-workers has Ethan Allen furniture, and has had for years, they got the same warranty and had no problem using it. Apparently the only thing it doesn’t cover is sweat. How funny is that. And kinda gross. Who sweats that much on a couch. So the only bad thing is we were not able to sell our old furniture in time. This is mainly because they were so early getting our furniture to us (which would usually be great). So if you’re in the market for some heavy duty (and HEAVY, right Brent?) pink couches let me know. They are seriously sturdy. Old school type springs, so never gonna sag, and can be recovered. Anyway I’ve been up to other tricks as well, like scrapbooking, a lot. I’m going to work on a proper light box (for Ribbon Jar) and use that to take pictures of all the layouts, eventually. I’m behind on a few things right now!

But thank you again for all the get betters and good advice!

What was that? One more shot of our awesome sofa, if you insist:

Next up funky pillows!

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  1. blog lurker here….LOVE the room! And oh how I hope those pillows are going to contain green and some sort of retro pattern on them! (i’m guessing it is likely). Now get out there and garage sale! That’s how I found your site initially…love looking at your thrifting goodies. =-)

  2. Look at you guys, being all grown-up!! Love it! And yes, you are bold for buying a white couch…ours is khaki colored and even with that I was nervous. But it sounds like you got a good preventative situation going on with the warrenty and everything. Very nice!

  3. it is GORGEOUS, Amber! I am so jealous of your beautiful furniture! and um, as for sweating that much on a couch? it isn’t just sweat, it’s the oils from your skin and hair…just talk to my mom, she’s been fighting those stains for years (my dad…). Good luck on the keeping it clean! we’d never manage it. And for the time when you have your own little one at home? buy couch covers until they stop spitting up! 😉 We have a brown leather couch and it’s been a fabulous buy, you can wipe off anything. The purple cloth-covered couch? a mess.
    have to say it again – LOVE that new living room! (and glad you’re feeling better!)

  4. I like it…I think you should repaint your little green nook and fireplace to go better with your new terribly grown-up furniture.

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