Picture madness!

So I have been scrapbooking like a crazy fool! I’ve made 9 layouts in the last couple of days. Whoa. Considering I think I made like 9 layouts all of last year, I call this progress. I’m just so excited to start sorting my layouts into their new albums that I feel the need to have more layouts done. And more stories told, coincidently. It’s been my place holder waiting for the last batch of pictures to come from Shutterfly, which arrived just now (one day early oh ya!).

That is supposed to be 1,550 pictures, but it’s actually 1,720. I got two of the envelopes twice. I didn’t get charged for it, so I have some random doubles. Which is cool. Oh and one loan 5×7 🙂 I am caught up on picture printing!!! I can’t believe it! I had to go through all my digital files, on multiple computers, tag my favorites into a folder, then edit when necessary. I took it easy on editing for the most part, unless there was something glaring, like red-eye or exposure problems. I look forward to sorting these tonight while watching a NEW episode of the office (can I get a hell ya?!?!). I have only 4.5 empty photo albums. They each hold 204 (but you can totally cram more in there). Still the math might not work out, we’ll see. I’ll just have to scrapbook even more, and add to my category drawers (pictures of that soon).

Meanwhile listening to this song by Sia on repeat. Love it.

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  1. Woa! You go girl! And The Office last night?! Umm..hilarious as always. Jan is NUTS!!!

  2. All I can say is I totally agree with Ceara! I mean seriously… That’s a lot of photos!

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