Disgusting, sick, and everything I thought it would be.

Oh snap! I love this camera! I have only used it a tiny little bit, and not in much daylight, as it came late. But so far, OMG it’s awesome. I still have major learning to do. I would have had more time to work on that tonight, but my dad had to go get in a wreck. I say it like that because for goodness sakes every male in my family has gotten hurt on scooters, and he wrecked his Vespa. Luckily I think it may end up being a funny story he tells because he is going to be fine. Which really is unbelievable because he crashed, then slid, then his head stopped him by hitting a fire hydrant. Then his bike "ghost rided" until it hit a tree and split in two! He said he got his head stapled and that he has patches of skin missing, yuck! I love my dad, but he does like to act like a big kid sometimes. He is in California at a golf tournament, so he is with a bunch of guys. They didn’t want to call Kim to worry her, so she gets a call from the hospital, geez. Men can be so slow sometimes. She’ll fly down there tomorrow, but I can’t wait until my dad comes home so I can hear the story from him.

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  1. Love your outfit! Didn’t know you were so trendy! And the camera… Well I’ll bet it’s pretty nice too! Congratulations.. Enjoy it! And your Dad… Yes he does like to show off from time to time!

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