Light box

I finally made that light box I said I was going to make. I found the directions here.

I am going to use it for Ribbon Jar, but sampled today with some of those scrapbooking layouts that I’ve been whipping out.

I still need to figure out everything. Basically what I am doing now is using the speedlight and flashing the top of the box and letting the light bounce. So I do get some glare.

Plus I don’t know if it’s because I zoom in or what, but the layouts turn out a little bit warped. I crop them and after that it can look a little crooked, but they are not.

I love how much scrapbooking I’m getting done!

This is one of the layouts I’ve done using the drawer system from the Big Picture Scrapbooking class, Library of Memories. I file all my pictures into categories to see trends and important ideas that I want to scrapbook.

Mostly I have been going through the storage binders.

This is one of the pages I made as an intro to one of my sections in the place we go album. All of the intro pages are basically the same layout, making them easy to do.

So there you have it! I have been scrapbooking. I also snapped a couple shots of Bj and his mom today on a little trip.

I’m still getting used to using my new camera, but I like it!

p.s. I talked to my dad today, he’s doing better. But he wasn’t wearing a helmet, dudes, wear your helmets!

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  1. I love that picture of us on Lake Champlain!!! Still hard to believe it was totally frozen like that…
    OMG! Your dad?! Ya, doesn’t surprise me he crashed because he can get crazy, but I’m so thankful he is going to be ok!!! Geez! :-/

  2. nice job on the light box and all those fab layouts!
    yikes! so glad you’re dad is going to be okay…scary!
    hopefully he learned to always wear a helmet though!

  3. I’m happy to see the layouts you’ve been doing! Especially the recipe… I love cooking and baking, so that’s inspiring. The camping one is giving me an idea, for camping. We should do that.
    I’m glad your dad’s going to be fine. My dad used to sport a harley… my heart is thankful those days are over!

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