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The room really is too tiny to be a master bedroom, but we make it work. The bookshelf (where I keep most of my folded clothes and things) is out in the bedroom instead of the closet because you can’t get to the attic with it in front of the ladder. So ignore it please. If we were going to put on the door than I had to get my act together and finish the windows in here. The only ones in the house with vestiges of the nasty cream that the whole house used to be. Plus I had broken the window pane on one of the windows last fall. The sash broke and the window slammed shut unexpectedly shattering a piece. We’ve had duct tape on it for months, oh so classy. Even classier still, the new glass I had cut for it was leaning against the wall in here for a month or more. Next to a box of glazing points and little container of glaze.

The process of working on these were the same as the living room and craft room that I did… when did I do those.

Unfortunate placement of closet door. Mmm my wedding shoes. I want to wear those again.

Meanwhile Bj was perfecting things in the garage.

It’s all done! He has the project going out there of cleaning door hardware. See how there is actually room to have a project going?

We got all the rest of our camping/backpacking/sporting/Christmas stuff up here. And there are still empty bins. Heaven. 🙂

Now those two leaded glass cabinet doors are the only things I have left to paint! I might paint the inside of that door too, just because it’s so dirty it can’t be cleaned and I have extra exterior paint. We got a tool holder for the corner which is so nice. And Bj built this:

A workbench. It’s extra tall for his extra tall self. We managed to fit all our firewood under it.

Bj said he is going to spend all next weekend playing Xbox. We are so sick of working around the house. In addition to all this he conquered our backyard, which was thick with grass over three feet tall. We really let it go. Once you stop mowing it’s impossible to start back up with our push mower if it gets above a certain height. That happened sometime last summer and it had been wild kingdom back there ever since. Bj has some allergy issues with grass (I think because he wasn’t born here. Is that how it works?). The whole time he was weed whacking the thing no problem. And I was all, hmmm maybe it’s a mental thing. Then he stopped. And sneezed, and sneezed, and sneezed. Yuck poor guy. So we’ll see if we get anything done on the house or if we do take a break. One things for certain. We have to take care of these visitors:

The sugar ants finally found the kitchen (took them long enough). Quick someone tell me six good things ants do because I’m not seeing their value right now. Also they seem really stupid. One side of kitchen dirty dishes in the sink. Other side super tidy and clean cupboard of food all packaged, no crumbs, nothing open. They are in the cupboard, just dancing around canned food. Idiots.

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  1. BJ = Xbox
    Amber = garage/yard/estate sales with Sciarrino (I’m free morning till 1230.)
    No one’s saying you can’t wear your wedding shoes around the house. 🙂

  2. I can’t condone ant killing. But I don’t have ants coming into my kitchen so what do I know about it. I didn’t know you could get sugar ants in the USA either – I thought they were Australian.
    Humane Deterrents – Ants
    Paprika is supposed to be the easiest and best deterrent – sprinkle a line across the ants’ entryway, but be careful where it is sprinkled because it can stain when it gets wet.
    Ants also dislike the herbs pennyroyal, lavender, garlic and a liquid preparation of ferns. Try liberal applications of these (the more concentrated the better) on a regular basis.
    And I think you can get psychic people in to ‘ask’ the ants to leave – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that on TV – hehehe.

  3. cornmeal…put some out around by the ants and they will eat and they can’t digest the cornmeal and will die….I use that method in my house since I have two kids…my neighbor puts smelly soap out by the ants and swears that keeps them out…good luck!

  4. I’ve tried ground coffee chilli powder….same thing sprinkle around doors and windows….yadda yadda….didn’t work. We caved – the kids were freaking out about the ants – MaxAttrax – HomeDepot $1.98. Did the trick in 12 hrs. Granted we might have been a bit over zealous – but they were BAD. They can live in the yard, the garden the wood pile – just not inside my house!
    Question – on stripping the doors – was it hard to decide to paint them again? I love your hardwood floors – the white doors really show it off. Great job on the update/remodel! (Oh – I say keep the windows! You can always check out Rejuvenation in Portland for parts.)

  5. man, you two have been BUSY!
    nice work! 🙂
    stupid sugar ants…
    hate those little bastards.
    (LOL – is that okay that I said that?!)

  6. Hi Amber, must say I so envy you for that view out of your bedroom window! Guess I’d love to wake up to that view.

  7. Sugar ants really stink! Just ask Grandma… She hates them! Seriously you mustn’t keep out anything they might get into. But on a bright note… I love that green in your bedroom… It’s perfect!

  8. Diatomaceous earth! Google it and find a plethora of uses for it and places to get it. I use it around baseboards and outside alongside the house to prevent ants (and other critters) from coming in. They don’t like it at all!
    I love reading your blog–it is inspirational! And the colors are so delicious!

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