Playing with the camera

Just a little bit. At dinner on Monday Bj contemplates what to eat:

and pretending he’s on wine library TV:

Hehehe. I love that guy. I figured out that my main problem with the camera (or me using it), is that I have a trouble with light metering. I’m thinking about renting a separate one to see if my suspicions are correct.

My favorite thing about myself? The color of my lips. I figure if I can get that correct in one of my shots I’ll know I’ve got all my settings right. Almost there…

Oh my favorite yesterday? I loved them all, but Dianne’s really cracked me up: "wubba wubba wubba." LOL So you’re up for picking the next word Dianne!

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  1. Bj smelling the wine looks like he accidently hit himself in the face with the glass! Ha Ha! And I thought your favorite thing about yourself is your nose…you have nice lips too, I’m just sayin….

  2. Ceara… I have to say your statement cracked me up! I can’t say why, it just did!

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