Plants and Berries

Yesterday I finally made it to Portland again, it had been months I think since I’d driven up. Trying to save gas and all (though Bj doesn’t believe me). I met Tex at the cool nursery she works at. I realized I didn’t get very good overview shots of the nursery, I was too focused on all the pretty plants (oh my poor neglected yard). But here is the one shot I got:

You can see how it’s right in the city, so neat, like a little oasis. We had lunch and then I wondered around snapping pictures of plants I want.

Who knew I liked succulents? Not me, but I do love these.

I love this apple tree. It’s six varieties grafted together. Then it was trained to grow short and wide. I’m thinking this could be very nice growing propped on my fence. After hanging out for a while and checking up on Tex’s wedding plans (and her dress, oh my goodness it’s awesome) we headed to Canby to pick strawberries. Sciarrino and I had walked downtown to the farmer’s market Wednesday and taste tested six different farms. We liked this one (South Barlow Berries) best. And I did take my camera to that market, but did not take pictures, bad Amber. But in my defense I was busy eating a big cup of fresh cut fruit and the best burrito ever!

U-Pick berries on the cutest little farm. They don’t spray nasty stuff here which is nice. It’s a lot of work but the reward?

My bounty:

That bowl might look deceiving but it’s one of those huge mixing bowls (garage sale find). I picked ten pounds. My grand total: $8.50 so cheap!

Happy pickers!

One more picture because they are just so pretty! This farm also does marionberries, raspberries, boysenberries, and more. So we’ll be back!

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  1. I love those pictures…..I especially love that your fingers are stained from all the berrie picking. Oh, Gosh….I miss Oregon…..You always take such wonderful pictures.
    Brianna says HI! BTW……:0)…your friends are so cute! they seem so happy. Have a wonderful day!….:0)

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