This weekend saw me at a retreat of sorts. My mom turns 50 tomorrow (Monday) and so this weekend we had a girls weekend at a ranch of a friend of hers. Sciarrino came with me in case the older ladies got too crazy and I needed a knitting buddy :). The weather was much warmer than I thought it would be. Ranging from beautiful to moody (and still beautiful) to very sunny. The very sunny was today, and the drive home lead to the much feared "truckers burn." One arm only, straight red mark at the end of a cap sleeve. So bad I think I’ll wear long sleeved shirts until it tones down a little. But back to the weekend.

My mom has the greatest friends, and a group of them met up when all of their children were small (including me!). We all went to pre-school at the same place, and lived nearby each other. I got held back (go double kindergarten!) and didn’t stay as close as friends with the other daughters, but my mom has remained close with their mothers. I love them all, so I couldn’t (why does the new Firefox not have contractions in its dictionary?) say no to a fun weekend away with them. I found out what they do together all the time: talk. And talk, and talk and talk. But the good kind of talking where you don’t realize hours have gone by. So We did that on Friday night after Sciarrino and I arrived in Sisters. We also caught the view:

I know! Hey this is for my east coast buddies who call Katahdin a mountain! Heheh. I used to have my mom send me pictures of Oregon from her hikes to show my young campers when I was a counselor in Maine. I digress. The next day we went out for a walk to the neighbors. Since these are ranches it was a long walk:

My mom and her friend. I just emailed Sciarrino to say we forgot to take pictures together… again! No one would ever believe we’re such good friends by our picture stash thats for sure. We got to see a new riding arena going in:

I love being around construction, having grown up around it. I can appreciate wonderful wood and little details. I loved the big beams. And the yummy smell of all the wood.

Pretty rock.

I love this shot with the moody sky. But I had to get it by putting my camera on complete manual. I really do want to get the camera figured out better. I have the D50 down, I mean I can pick up that camera and I feel like I can take a picture of anything. But I do leave it on manual 95% of the time. With this new camera I wanted to program in some settings but I just have not sat down and played with it enough. I think that is going to be one of my huge goals for the summer. I’m going to have to start over again, with out people. That’s what I did with my D50, and my N65. Just took pictures of bricks, and rocks, changing the settings a million times and figuring everything out. Goal = set (plus Erin did mention that my picture of the day site is woefully out of date). The rest of the weekend was more talking, eating and knitting, wonderful! I hope you all had an equally fantastic weekend. There’s one thing I know, girls only weekends rule!

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  1. So glad I get to comment first. It was the most perfect weekend exactly what I had anticipated! No better way to celebrate a Birthday than with the “Girls” – Yes Girls only Weekends Rule! Thanks for sharing it with me! Love ya Mom

  2. Happy Birthday Julie! Glad you had a fun weekend! You should take each one of your dailies with your new camera, it will force you to learn bit by bit so it’s not as frustrating. Which I think is pretty much what you said…

  3. Oh! And to the east coaster’s credit, you would be calling Katahdin a mountain if you were climbing it!

  4. Happy Birthday to Julie (shake it julie, shake it!) Glad you girls had an awesome weekend.

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