Baby Knits!

Okay so the baby doesn’t knit, but I am knitting for the baby. And have just a few frustrations. I got one of those worked out last night (not being able to find the right yarn), and finished this:

It’s a little papoose. That is 48 inches of stockinette people – mo-not-on-ous! But easy, and now done. (ravelry link). My mom talked me into a zipper so it would be easier to check if baby was wet or dry. Sewing a zipper in a hand knit, sure. Oh wait, hard. But figured it out due to some great online tutorials. I also finally got to use the pom-pom maker that my step mom got me for Christmas:

Cute! Right now I am glad to be done with a few cotton projects, as cotton gets a little old knitting with, and Socks That Rocks is so much nicer (a super soft, superwash wool):

Making up this sweater:

(Ravlery Link) I changed the stripping. So I’m making this in a six month size. From what I hear the baby will be pretty much nursing all the time at the beginning so unless I get some mad multi-tasking skills I figure I should have enough hand-knits stocked for the first six months. I think like five sweaters in each of three sizes (newborn, 3 months, 6 months), should last me. Plus I know knitters…. here’s hoping they get that hint 🙂 I also want to do up at least 5 hats, 7 pairs of pants/soakers, a bunch of baby socks, a blanket (almost done), and at least one more sleep sack. Am I missing anything else vital there? Moms? I did already do this in newborn size right at the beginning:

Really easy wrap sweater (Ravelry Link). Also this just needs edging:

A little jacket from one of my vintage pattern books (Ravelry Link). Oh my goodness am I glad to have my energy back (for the most part). It’s nice to be able to work on projects!!!

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  1. Pom-pom maker…I’m intrigued. The little sweater looks great! What color did you decide to do the edging?

  2. Where have I been? Amber, HUGE congrats to you and BJ on your little one. The knits are fab and you all will be awesome, awesome parents!

  3. I’m always lurking aren’t I? *grin* I love your blog. A mom tip or two – everyone will give you adive – just say thank you and keep on moving. *grin* Advice comes from everywhere. Find what works for you and your family, everyone is different. And don’t stress about the ‘friendly’ advice. Use what sounds good to you.
    The whole mom-baby-multi tasking. Its doable! You can find the mad skills with the help of a baby carrier – sling, baby bjorn, ergo baby carrier. When my kids were wee ones I used the sling a lot – it was easier to covertly nurse them in public, and at home they were snuggled close to me – hands free. When they got older I moved to a front pack – baby bjorn (which I used until my charmin kids could not stuff into it anymore) At this age – you pretty much can only knit when they are facing your chest – as they like to help – a bit like kittens with string. I wanted, but did not have – Ergo baby – its a hip, back and front pack. I say its worth the money to keep your hobbies alive (sanity in process) and keep the little ones with you and entertained :).
    Like I said – take all the advice in stride, use what works for you 🙂 *grin* Happy Knitting!

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