Baby project updates

I finished the lovely little sweater just now. Knit most of it up over the weekend. I love it!

I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve now for attaching those sleeves (read all about it on Ravelry). I have to make the little shorts that go with it now. I just finished putting up a list on my side bar that is a registry of sorts. I really contemplated putting Socks that Rock yarn on there, as it knits up baby things fabulously (and is easy to wash) – this is in lightweight, but I love all the weights of the stuff. So ya, you can see all the research I’ve been doing over on the side. Still have to pick out some of the big stuff (uh stroller – but we need to test those out in person due to our height difference). I did do some serious diaper research a few months ago. I have always planned on cloth diapers, the first kids I ever baby-sat were cloth diapered, and I handled that at eleven no problem (with pins!), so I figured, what’s the big deal? As soon as I started looking into it more I was amazed – there are choices! Like so many cute cloth diaper choices, it’s awesome. This is what we choose:

For our newborn these insanely soft (and insanely cute – they even have a snap down area for the umbilical cord stub!) cloth diapers. Kissaluvs size 0. I should mention that Bj gets a complete kick out of the names of all these diapers. We’re going with Thirsties covers:

That was the best combo that we researched for holding in newborn poo. 🙂 As our baby grows we got a one-size diaper. If you haven’t heard of these check them out:


Large. Genius. Actually Bum Genius 3.0 (the ones on the right) are the ones we’re going with. These are basically a cover with a wick away inside and a liner you stuff in. We also chose these for baby-sitters:

Or those with a cloth-diaperphobia. It’s all one piece, goes on like a disposable. Anyway so cute. And so is this. After I went and picked one of a dozen styles out to show Bj (there is a big cloth diaper store in Corvallis, a town near here) he picked one up and loved how soft it was. He told me he hated touching disposables, and never liked picking a baby up that just had a disposable diaper on. Well no excuses not to change one now buddy!

We also picked the theme of the nursery out. I have to find the old Martha Stewart magazine clipping I have that inspired this but it’s going to be space/travel. I added the travel part because I want to include lots of maps and globes and things. Of course I won’t get to decorate it until after the baby comes as the odds of getting the upstairs done before then are close to 1%. That didn’t stop Bj and I from getting this at a cute shop this weekend:

You can probably see it has a little scratch. Good thing I have like 50 million tubes of paint, so I can fix that. I want the babies room to be bright, colorful, and full of fun things to look at. No pastels for this kid. And speaking of the kid:

I’m making good progress on that too. I can’t wait to feel it move. Soon, soon I know.

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  1. I am an constent reader of Yarn Pirate and Glampyre knits. The both recently had babies and addressed the diaper issue. One made her own covers and the other uses the cloth. Just a thought, you might like to chat with them.

  2. Oh you are looking as cute as ever!!!
    My best friend is about 4 months along now and she too has decided on cloth diapers!! I think its an awesome choice (an an obvious one for me as I’m… what’s the word.. eco-friendly?)
    I never realized there are so many choices!! Now I have NO doubt about cloth diapers!!!
    And I love space/travel theme so so cute!!! Any word on what you’re having yet?

  3. People, the sweater is even better in real life! Alp, you might have to start placing average items in the pictures to show scale, cause tiny is oh so cute!

  4. I love (LOVE!) that sweater!
    turned out SO cute…and the colors are fantastic!
    and you! look at how adorable you are?!
    I love pregnant bellies! SO cute! 🙂

  5. So many cute things! Way to go on the cloth diapers. My parents used them and my aunt & uncle as well. Where is this cloth diaper store in Corvallis? That town is full of surprises. Will you please keep taking the belly pictures? You are so pretty!

  6. I have to de-lurk to say congrats!! I’m also pregnant & from that belly photo, I think you’re right around the same point as I am. (19weeks) You’ll be feeling the movements real soon and it really is the best thing ever! Lovin all the baby wish list links too, more stuff for me to swoon over!

  7. Amber,
    Hey, congratulations!
    I just noticed one thing, I am a science major and I cannot help telling…
    Your solar system panel is great as an art work, but when you teach your kid, remember this. Pluto is no longer considered “Planet.” They (science people) decided several years ago. It’s not the 9th planet, it’s in a different category now.
    I thought you should know. I will talk to you soon!

  8. i love the kissaluvs diapers! they worked great at the baby age…
    the kissaluv’s contours work well too, with a cover and a snappi.
    it’s amazing how many options are out there now! nothing like the cloth of old…
    have you checked out the diaper pin (dot com)?? be forewarned. cloth diapers are an addiction! i highly recommend trying several types and not getting your mind set on just one before baby. you may decide once baby is here, that a different one fits your baby better. just a suggestion!

  9. You are looking great! Definitely obvious you are pregnant now.
    I love the baby room theme you chose!

  10. your projects are the cutest and i just wish my computer screen was one like the tv in charlie and the charlie factory so i could reach and touch your cute belly!!! omg, you are the cutest! 😉

  11. Amber! You are so adorable! The belly is getting big! I can’t beleive how quick it is growing! Next time I see you (october) I am wondering if you will be able to stand upright or tip over! I can’t wait. Every time I go into a baby store I think of you and jusge all of the clothes by the “would amber buy this” standard. I can’t wait to meet the new Garrison family member. He or she is lucky to be born into such a great home. You are already such a great Mom!

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