No Shoes… I mean it!

Today I had a very productive day… of the not so fun kind. Last week I had tried to scrub my floors but for some reason I just could not be at all comfortable bending over, kneeling and doing it then. I believe I called Bj at work and sobbed that I was a useless member of society or something like that, isn’t being pregnant grand? Anyway I felt much better today after getting up early (no choice in the matter any more hip pain makes me get up at the crack of dawn – 8:15 am!!!) so I thought I would tackle it. Turns out that the spot cleaning I’ve been doing is no match for a good scrub, so I learned my lesson there: thou shall not go months between scrubbings. And I do mean scrubbings, since I can only use vinegar and water (per the re-finishers instructions, and my mother’s infinite wisdom, of course). I do have a secret weapon called Mr. Clean that I use on gummy stuff I always find on the floor, where the heck does that come from (not Mr. Clean, but the gummy stuff)? So I got out my tools:

And hours and hours later ended up with this:

(actually a different room, the two front ones are pecan, and the bedrooms are white oak, so it looks a little different). All of that led to this:

No more messing around! Certain people, let’s call them family member A and family member B like to wear their shoes in the house no matter what I say! I’ve come up with a plan. If they walk in like always with an, "oops I forgot" I’m going to say, "no problem, I’ll go grab you a pail and rag so you can scrub that spot." Wa hahahahah I still have to do the bathroom. Which you may recall is about eight feet square, and linoleum, blah. Bj did do the kitchen floor this weekend though, so I don’t have to worry about that. I also did laundry, and made up the bed with fresh sheets before eleven pm, which should make Bj happy, for some reason it drives him nutso that I wait so long to put the sheets on the bed ("you wanted to go to bed now? like right now?").

Don’t worry all that cleaning led to some good:

More fiber from Piegonroof Studios. I don’t know how it happened! Oh wait, yes I do, I totally could not stop myself from buying it. So many pretty colors. I am going to stop now though, as I have the Flock and Fiber Festival coming up and I need to have some place to cram all the goodies I’m going to get there. I also got Debbie Bliss: the Baby Knits Book. It’s old, and out of print and after literally six check outs from the library it dawned on me to check (though it should have before, as Sciarrino is from there). What do you know they had it! This is excellent because I’m thinking the yarn Kay sent me would make a good double breasted jacket. Or maybe the cable and seed stitch jacket (mom, I know, I know, you’re allergic to seed stitch!). The dress I made V is in this book. I made it twice I loved it so much. And there is the simplest little baby sweater in here two that I’ve also done twice. My mom likes one of her other books better, but you really can’t go wrong with any Debbie Bliss baby pattern. I also got a package from a long time blog reader (thanks Rexanne!) full of little goodies. Phew, it was a good mail day!

And I continue to work on the baby blanket in spite of the clear evidence that I will not have enough yarn:

Cool pattern though. 🙂

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  1. Uh don’t come see my floors. 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 cat do not make for a pretty floor. Add in the fact that neither adult likes to scrub floors, and um it’s not pretty… But you have motivated me to do more than just vacuuming the edges after sweeping. I’ll spot scrub. Problem solved. hehehe
    I love how your floor shine! I’d give up all the carpet in the world for nice hardwood floors…

  2. Man, the way your are going one would think you are the nesting stage which is usually followed by labor. Take it easy, this is your time to rest.
    Regarding the no shoe policy, my kids come in through our garage and they are now in the habit of taking off their shoes. We bought a cheap bench at IKEA where they can sit to put on their shoes plus it has room for storage which no one uses.
    I also have a basket of really neat slippers that are one size fits all by my front door. When guests come in I ask them to remove their shoes and then offer them a pair of slippers. We have only had one party with a few people and they loved their slippers. They wanted to take them home but I had to say no.
    Enough gabbing, time for bed.
    Have a groovy week!
    Love and God bless,

  3. Ha ha! You THINK 8:15 is the crack of dawn – wait until you have the baby!!
    Your house looks great. Enjoy the neatness and tidiness while you can.

  4. Good for you! I once had to do CPR certification whilst 6 months preggo….w/the dummies on the floor….it was…interesting!
    I left you a prize on my blog…go see!

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