First I’ll recap learnfest

Yes, I’m alive! I made it back form Learnfest, which was awesome. Unfortunately when you come home, often you have to get back into real life and that’s exactly what happened, and that real life happened to be a my-side-hurts-grandpa-doing-bad-remodel-drama mess. I can’t possibly do all that in one post anyway, so I’ll start with the awesomeness. And that was my trip. It was exactly what Bj and I need, to get away. Super fantastic bonus? I learned lots and lots and lots. And I’m so excited to get my photography business really going. If I could just put everything else on hold I would, but this growing bump pushing my stomach through my throat is telling me that soon life will not be just up to me. And other stuff, but back to dreamland where I slept, ate, and breathed photography. The place was beautiful, and Bj got to relax and golf while I took classes. They were mostly business focused with some hands on shooting stuff which was fun:

these two are from my first shoot. There were 16 other photographers shadowing the awesome Tamara Lackey, so it was a bit crowded. But so fun to see how she works.

For the other hands on shoot we went out to the beach, it was super windy, but the light was perfect:

Beautiful. The little blond boy was oh so cute.

I couldn’t believe how well he handled all these women shooting him, he was great. And mom’s in for a treat because the awesome Audrey Woulard taught this class.

So Learnfest was great. I’m so glad I went. I have to admit that before I went I figured, at least I’d be getting away. I just did not feel prepared for it after spending a week and a half with grandpa at the hospital and trying to get the remodel started, my plate was feeling really full. But it was more than a getaway. And traveling for the most part was good. Actually the plane was not even bad because we used Bj’s frequent flier miles to go first class. I looooove first class, and so did baby who kicked and wiggled almost the whole flight, so hard that Bj felt it easily. I got up and moved a bunch (per midwife’s instructions), and drank a bunch of water so I think that helped. The hardest thing for me was still driving, as we actually stayed in four different places on this trip. It’s such a bummer because you know I love road trips, but I think I’m done until after the baby comes. I can’t get comfortable and the rib thing gets unbearable.

Our last day at Learnfest the weather took a turn, and by the time we got to Wrightsville beach this was outside our hotel:

Yes, the local news station was broadcasting weather at the beach outside the hotel. It was so windy. I’m sure it’s nothing as it was only 35 sustained, and gust up to 65, but to us it was crazy. I wanted to get more pictures but I could only stay out for two seconds before everything was drenched, the rain was coming every which way. We did have a bright spot on that day though, the best lunch ever!

I know what you’re thinking, "Amber you hate Italian food." Technically that is true, it’s my least favorite ethnic food group, but I do love sausage. And sweet things, and Sciarrino. Wait? Sciarrino? Yes, her super nice and funny uncle owns this deli and it is soooo yummy. I’m not just saying that because he stuffed us with lunch as well as a couple of insanely good Italian desserts. If you live near here at all (Wilmington, NC), you must check it out. The place was packed (and the weather was so nasty I couldn’t believe anyone was out), so I know I’m not alone here. It’s also laid out really cool inside with a big wall of imported Italian things. All the cans and packages have fabulous labels and if I lived near there I might have had to stock up to try making something Italian.

After our night there we drove to Raleigh to catch our first leg of our flight home. It wasn’t bad. Then we had a longish layover in Atlanta, but that wasn’t bad because we got to go into the Delta lounge, so it was fairly quite and relaxing. The last leg to Portland was too long for me and I sort of started to loose it. I didn’t want to walk around and I could not get comfortable. My side was just screaming at me. It was so nice to get home and sleep in our (displaced) bed. Bj’s mom had stayed at our house over the week, but spent her days at the hospital, so it was super clean and tidy. She laid down all the paper for the construction works and covered our couches. But we did realize right away we were into remodel chaos. There was a fine layer of dust over everything, and we had no electricity in half the house. But more on that later.

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  1. Wait, you don’t like Italian food?? Do you like pasta? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this, and I’m sorry because I’m sure you get this reaction a lot, and I’m sure I already knew this at some point. But really? Ok, ok, anyway, I’m glad you had a great trip and sorry you had to come crashing down to earth. You will love your house when it’s all said and done though!

  2. It’s true, I do not like pasta! I don’t like sauces, but more than that I despise cooked tomatoes, tomato sauce, whatever, yucky yucky. If everyone is eating pasta I just put salt on it and eat it plain.:)

  3. so glad you had a great trip and I love italian, your recount sounds so tasty!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see and hear more about your photography. hang in there momma! 🙂

  4. 🙂 ohi ohi… I will invite you to my home to eat Italian food here in Italy… you will love it, generally people can’t say “I don’t like” if haven’t taste it in the original country. All the world love italian food 🙂 but eating “italian food” in the USA I can admit is not the same taste….
    Think, I live in Trieste, and here people cooking and sell the “Sacher Torte”, but I’ve just been in Vienna, where the real Sacher Torte has it’s origin, so… there is no comparison, the Sacher in Vienna is 1 millions best, and Trieste is distant from Vienna only 5 hour by car….What about the fact that America is on the other side of the world compared to Italy? Here are different foods, raw materials … and I could going on 🙂 I have convinced you? 🙂 Love Giusy

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