North Carolina

Tomorrow I start my actual classes, but I thought since I had a moment I would give you an update on the trip. First up we flew first class. Thank you Bj for being a frequent flier! I was very comfortable and got to move around a lot (per the midwife’s orders). The first night we spent in Raleigh because we got in pretty late. I was so surprise to see these on the counter of our hotel:

My all time favorite smell in the whole world is this lotion, and I thought it was no longer made! I’m going to track down the big bottles, yum. I knew we were off to a good start. And there’s nothing like a little road trippin’ to put Bj and I in a good mood. I mean the sights are always amazing:

Karen that is for you.

We got to our hotel in the evening before the sun had set (which does not happen on the beach here… werid) so we took a walk. We went along the beach and out on the pier where people were fishing. And saw a shark! An honest to god shark. I could not believe it. But even after checking with the guide person it was still a shark. I think it was eating the throw back fish. I don’t know, but crazy. It was wonderful to hear the sounds of the ocean while we slept.

We got up early (still getting uesd to the time change) and drove down past Willmington to catch the ferry over to Bald Head Island. We’re right on the beach here too. Have you ever seen cockroaches in the wild (like garages and driveways)? They have them here and they are big and freaky. I think I’ll survive though. My classes start early tomorrow.

In real life news our house should be getting started while we’re gone, things look to be on track. If nothing else we’ll have a big pile of supplies and lumber in our yard upon our return. Grandpa has refused his feeding tube, and is living off of thicken milk and Boost. We’ve talked to him on the phone, hopefully he will continue to try eating the things he’s allowed. He’s on morphine again, which we don’t like. It makes him forgetful and seems to slow down his mental processes all together. I know that he is getting great care. I was telling Bj though that guilt has to be the worst emotion. I want to enjoy this vacation but our minds keep going back to grandpa.

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  1. Oh you two shouldn’t feel a bit guilty! B.J.’s mom is doing a great job taking care of Grandpa and you both deserve a break from all that you do! Are you going to stay a few extra days for the “Mullet Festival”? Have a great trip! Love You!

  2. Ok, a Mullet Festival?!?! Bwa-ha ha ha ha!! Have you seen anyone that might be able to take first prize in the mullet competition? And that place you’re staying looks wonderful! You know you live a blessed life, right? First class flight, this wonderful scenery…Even with grandpa being sick, you 2 are doing the best you can, and that’s all you can do. He will get better, it will just take some time. Try to relax and enjoy your time away from home.

  3. Too funny. They have mullet festivals in Florida, too. (I hope you know it’s a fish, not a festival of bad redneck haircuts). Hope you have an awesome time! How I wish I was at the beach right now . . .

  4. What’s new back on the home front? How is the house project going? I hope you are feeling well. And I hope Grandpa is too.

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