Much Better

And suddenly not so bad! Grandpa was just moved out of the ICU. He’s still got a nasty cough, but off most of the monitors. He’s getting a rub down to get the iodine off his skin, and getting the first shave in a week (grandpa: “I look like a god damn bum!”). So Bj is playing around with his glasses while we wait for the results from his swallow test. Grandpa is already asking for his diet coke :). Also I’m starting a new pair of socks. Universe thank you.

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  1. Amber I’m just catching up on your blog, I have been away from my computer most of the week. Wow. So glad to hear that things are looking up for everyone. Poor Grandpa.
    But lucky Grandpa that he has you and BJ because, honestly, you two are so wonderful. You look after family like families are supposed to do. So nice to see.
    Hope you’re getting to rest a little too. Take care.

  2. Glad he’s making a turn for the better – it’s a wonder how quickly your world can be thrown into chaos with something like this. Really makes you appreciate the otherwise “boring” days, doesn’t it !

  3. Oh that is such good news about grandpa! He has been in my thoughts and prayers the last few days. I was kinda bummed out he wasn’t at my hospital, then I could have gone in to visit with him….nice being an employee, we’re not restricted by visiting hours 😉
    Hang in there! You and BJ are doing awesome him, even if he doesn’t always realize it/appreciate it.

  4. Just getting caught up on your blog – my internet has been out for over a week 🙁 Glad grandpa is doing better! I read about your rib pain. I had this 7 years ago while pregnant with my son. My doctor recommended aspercreme. Worked wonders. It was no cure, but made the pain much more bearable. Thought I would share this in hopes it could work for you as well. Take care!

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