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  1. Yay for successful surgery!! I love that statement, “I think I was mislead”. And once the PT starts, watch out. If he’s complaining now, he’s really not going to be happy once that gets started. Hang in there, Amber!

  2. So happy the surgery was a success! I’ll be keeping you guys in my thoughts. If he’s having lots of pain make sure he’s getting at least a little muscle relaxer, it really seems to help hip/knee replacement people with their pain. Good luck 🙂

  3. Best wishes to Grandpa. Good that the surgery went well. I second with Erin – watch out *grin* and try to take it all in stride – whatever comments come out of his mouth. Pain = grumpy x2 for my grandpa.
    Anything on the needles for the little one? And just think, OFF is only 2 weekends away… great place for retail therapy!

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