The other BIG thing

Oh ya, about that.

This is what our attic looked like about a week ago. We started demo with out our permit (not illegal or anything, just risky because you can’t actually build until you get the permit). Guess what? Our permit had hold ups, we had to get new drawings (which was terrible because the guy doing the drawings is the slowest on earth), and then it started raining. So they put up plywood and tarps and we haven’t had any problems with that (except the house is COLD). Well yesterday we got our permit! I am so thankful for this. Seriously I was going out of my mind with worry. Now the upstairs looks like this:

And they are putting in floor joists and all kinds of structural things. The upstairs will actually overhang two feet from the ground floor, so they have to do that. I hope that there will be a new roof and framing by next week (when the bad weather will come back and may not leave). They have to build stairs. Right now our (old) bedroom looks like this:

Ya, that hole goes up into the elements. So where are we living? Crammed into the front room, which was my craft room.

It looks messy there, I just got an old navy maternity order so that’s all over the bed. And we have lots of random pillows on there now as I need them to get comfy and sleep. But this is actually the ONE clean room. You read that correctly, the one really clean room. The main floor has guys trekking through it, oh and a beam had to be replaced. They’ll come back and remake the arch.

I took a lot of our pictures down, the furniture is covered, the dining room table smooched to one side so they can get out to this:

And the garage is stuffed full of lumber. There’s a porta-potty in the driveway, all that good stuff. The most annoying thing is the basement. We ended up having to rebuild a wall down there, pour a new footing (so we have to saw cut up the concrete that is there), and all this stuff. I’ll save that for another day, since it’s really insane down there. I think being around construction my whole life this doesn’t phase me too much. I understand everything they’re doing, and that it will all look right in the end. I have really trustworthy guys working the project, so that’s great. The most annoying thing to me right now is the dust – everywhere! I like to be clean, maybe not always 100% tidy, but clean. And I know things are just going to get messier. They still have to demo my shower and tub after all (to get new plumbing upstairs). So now you know, I’ll keep you updated. Things should move quickly now.

I have to go finish work now before I visit grandpa. I just had a fantastic lunch of stew. My mom cooked some up for me last night, so yummy. I also got to take a bath in her tub, ahhh relaxing. And best of all my mom came with me to visit grandpa again. The evening visits do seem the hardest so I love having company. And extra bonus? I pick Bj up at the airport tonight (much easier to drive an hour north at 7 than at 4 am!). I am so glad. The suns out, hope your day is going great!

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  1. “They’ll come back and remake the arch.”
    Oh thank GOODNESS! 🙂
    I love the arches in your house. such charm + character!
    I’m glad you finally got the permits
    and that things are progressing!
    I can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

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