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So right after I moaned to Sarah on her blog that I wasn't going to be able to make a baby book for my little baby I realized, that I had to do it, regardless of where my supplies were. And so I drug everything upstairs (including the table to which Bj said, "AMBER!!!!"). I know, I know, my back is hurting me now, but worth it maybe?
Baby book-6

It's totally temporary, I have to take it down tomorrow, but this is set up in my living room, in the midst of construction chaos. So I haven't really been scrapbooking during the day because it's cold and there are a lot of guys walking around. But over the last few nights I have managed to get a good start on:
Baby book-1

The baby book! My brother and his girlfriend gave me a gift certificate to a local scrapbooking place and when I went there I decided I didn't really need many embellishments.
Baby book-4

I'm going to stick with ribbon, flowers, brads, labels, Quickutz Paige letters, and white, kraft and green cardstock. I also came up with a set design for the background paper so I can have some extra of those cut out. I know I'm not going to finish the book now so I have a couple big ziplocs of all the supplies. That should be all I'll need to finish it.
Baby book-2

I did a page just like this for me as well. The right side will be pictures of Bj and then one block will be for journaling about him.
Baby book-3

More pictures of baby as a fresh little new born. What kind of ink can you use on their little feet for the footprints?

I pulled out my baby book and it's really simple, but I love reading the things my mom wrote about me. some favorites:
"2 months – sleeps all night long, but likes to be rocked to sleep and have her back rubbed."
"8 months – follows me around house, plays in kitchen drawer and cupboard (under my feet)."
under year two it says, "Talks all day long!"
4th birthday, "Soooo happy to get a cabbage patch doll! she even cried happy tears!"

So I think I'm going to need pages where I just list memories and thing, besides pictures. I printed off some lists of more pages I want to make. We'll see how far I get.

Also making me happy today:
Baby book-5

More hole filling! Lots of progress on the house. We picked out all our light fixtures, I picked up light bulbs yesterday, carpet is ordered, my cabinets come tomorrow, and my mom and I are going to pick up the tile. I'm going to go get mini cans of paint today so that when the texture is finished at the end of the week I can put samples on the wall!

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  1. YAY! I’m glad you started a baby book!
    It looks great! I love that you’re keeping it simple too.
    Also, when my cousin was born (4 years ago) the Salem Hospital did extra copies of his little feet prints for my aunt after they did the birth certificate prints. Maybe tuck some cardstock in your hospital bag though b/c his prints were done on some nasty bright pink copy paper 🙂
    Looking forward to Saturday! 🙂

  2. When I had both of my children, I premade some pages just like you are doing. I took the page for their prints to the hospital with me and the nurses were more than happy to do their prints on the page after they were done with the birth certificate.
    Another idea for a page would be one for your hospital visitors to write little notes to the new baby. I still enjoy going back and reading the notes for my children.

  3. I love the clean, fresh look of your baby book layouts. Do you mind me asking what kind of adhesive you use for your Quickutz letters? I just recently purchased one (but haven’t had time to work on my books) and was wondering how to stick those tiny things down. Thanks!
    I’d also like to add that doing things ahead of time is a great idea, because no matter how good your intentions are, you get behind on things. When my son was born, someone gave us a “time capsule” kit, and after you fill it up with everything, you put these stickers to seal it, and write on it what year you want them to open it. Well, fast forward . . . my son will be 14 on Monday and I haven’t completed it yet!!

  4. amber honestly you are super woman. How on earth are you doing all of this? The scrapbook is just so adorable!!! I don’t think I could even keep up with 25% of your energy! Keep it up, you are inspiring all of us normal people out here.

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