And the water is off… again

Not that I'm complaining too much, I mean I have the sweetest neighbor who basically lets me waltz into her house whenever I have to pee (thank you Tracy for not making me use the porta potty). And this means things are getting done! Of course it looks fabulous in the yard:

Ugh, that's a project for the summer. As is this:

Yikes, and since we took away part of the fence separating us my neighbors get a good view of this too. Did I mention I have awesome neighbors? Things are going well up there:

Windows! Sheetrock! Tape! Fabulousness. It took a bit of trickiness to get all the angles for this area:

The two main corners were done with a rounded edge to minimize accidents down the road.

I think a good goal for this bathroom (the kid's) will be to get the ladder and leaves out of the tub before baby comes. 🙂

Things are going well downstairs also:

The Ribbon Jar side remains extremely cordoned off. But it is pouring out side so mud is everywhere else. The big hole in the front yard is because we just got new water service from the street. Yum, clean water. See then it was like, well it comes to here:

A new water shut off that actually works! So after this it joins back up with our old pipes in the house. For $300 it seemed stupid to pass up new pipes in the house, and that's what is going on down there now. It should be signed off on tomorrow so that we can finish sheet rocking. Oh and we came up with a solution to the pipes that can still be seen:

The left will look like a closet, but really just have that pump. The right will be cupboards on the bottom and then shelving up above. I think it will look really clean and nice. You know, once I can start making things clean and nice. Oh and this one is for Bj:

Our new range hood soon will not just be for looks! He is super excited about this (hey, me too). There is still one more step. And we might have to live with the electric range for a while (budget issues), but actual venting air over the stove? Genius!

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  1. Wow things are flying by! It must be so exciting to see all of that progress.
    Hey I’m at work and I don’t have your email address, can you send me an email?

  2. Things are really moving along! and that last picture looks like things are almost back to normal;)!

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