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I figured I'd better blog since people seem to think I've gone and had my baby already. I'll start to worry if it hasn't come by the end of January 🙂 We had a super low key Christmas. Like our other friends due the same day, our minds are thinking ahead and Christmas sort of creeped up on us. We exchanged really simple gifts. Bj got me a wonderful pillowcase from the awesome Stitch and Dye and I love it. Luckily this pack rat had a form just the right size in her stash:

I think it will go in the den (my new crafting space). Bj's mom was sweet enough to clean the floors for me today after the guys got their tools out this weekend (whoo hoo).

I didn't want to bring anything into the room until it was clean, so now I can start to organize a bit in there. I decided to put the drafting table in the basement for packing orders and bring this table up because I can sit at it (and thus use my machine). I have been sewing, but boring stuff really (blog wise at least):

I finished the curtains for upstairs (minus one, I'm still trying to figure out the rod situation for the alcove curtain). Out of the two curtains I had downstairs I made three big panels for the bedrooms, and two smaller ones for the bathrooms. I only had to buy one tension rod for baby's bathroom and some sets of rings to hang them on the bedroom rods, that's how I made them longer, by not having extra folds in the top. Speaking of the baby's room…

Bj went and picked up our stroller! I love it and we had tons of fun pushing it around pretending like our baby was in there. It's an Uppa Baby Vista that is a frame/component type stroller system. So on the frame you can lock in a car seat adapter, the bassinet, or a toddler seat. And all can face you which is awesome. The front wheels lock so you can run with it, and you can even get off-road type tires if you want to take it hiking. We love it and bonus: we're using the bassinet for the baby at the beginning since we don't have an actual bassinet or Moses basket.

The guys almost finished upstairs Saturday, but they have a little more painting/trimming out of the alcove to do. I can not wait. Be done I say! Then they'll tile the downstairs bathroom and caulk/prime the basement stairs. At the same time I need someone to come disconnect the old hot water heater and remove it. Besides that repairing a little bit of trim is all that needs to be done in the inside (by them, I still have lots of organizing to do!). We do have some cracks in our walls and ceilings, but we are going to give it a couple of months to settle more before those get routed out and filled. So it will be outside work only from now on, with the porch scheduled for now, and the siding/painting scheduled for April. The finish line is in my sights, and baby is being so nice and good waiting for them to finish.

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  1. Amber, that stroller looks fabulous. It looks like a European stroller and I can only say: good for you! please use the bassinet as much as possible and the carseat as little as possible as it’s better for that sweet baby to be lying flat, and not curved! plus, it’s gotta be more comfortable! can’t wait for baby pictures!!!

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