From bed and the iPhone

Goals for today:

Two more hours of sleep
Footprints into the baby book
Pass the one week checkup with flying colors
Lots more snuggles
A picture with my girl
Sharing Tuesday with visitors (yes we’re ready just call)
A walk with my two favorite people
Baby laundry (it’s so cute)
A real blog post with lots of thanks for kind words and well wishes
Write out the birth story
A nice long nap in the afternoon

I’m off to work on the first!From bed and the iPhone

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  1. Man she is so sweet. Makes me want another! Have fun. I used to think my mother was being dramatic when she talked about how fast we grew up. Now that I have my own, I am like woa. Seems like just yesterday he was a wee one….enjoy it. thanks for sharing this journey with all of us out here!

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy every second. My baby is seven now 🙁 Although it seems like yesterday we were in the same pose as you and Tuesday. Thanks for sharing and take care.

  3. sweet, sweet photo of mama + tuesday.
    made me get a big smile on my face 🙂
    looking forward to seeing you…and meeting her! we’ll have to email and arrange a time some weekend soon.
    enjoy the sunshine on your walk!
    it’s cold but gorgeous out there!

  4. I’ve loved reading your birth story!! The photos and the story are beautiful!!
    I am having my baby in a hospital, but with a midwife and a doula. I am learning the hynobirthing method which is another natural childbirth method. I think most of my friends (especially the ones who have had or are having babies) think I’m a whack job…so it’s nice to see somebody who is on the same page as me!! 🙂

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