Maybe she’s allergic to sleep


(Bj past midnight last night)

(me and Tuesday this morning, Bj came back up and snapped this on his iPhone)
Oh man, another late night last night. Less craziness though. No more letting her get to crazy levels of crying. We are letting her figure out when she needs to sleep. It turns out not very often. It's 12:23am and I just tried getting her to sleep after a nursing but she wasn't having any of that! I'm wearing her right now (in the baby hawk) and wiggling while I type (and getting up and walking around… this post is going to take me hours). It wouldn't be so bad if princess sparkly pants took naps. I guess I didn't get the memo but naps are for suckers! After I got her to sleep at one she slept a whole six hours (minus a couple of feedings). Then she slept for another hour this morning and later today (and don't worry I slept too). For a total of seven hours in a 24 hour period. That is nuts! So what does she do?

Looks adorable and sleepy after nursings, but then refuses to sleep.

Looks so cute and is so funny after changing her diaper. She loves to lay there, air out and play.

Trying to get a good picture of her eyes, I think they are changing.

Tiny ears!

By the afternoon she is just fighting the sleep monster. Sometimes it seems like she is going to loose:

But that lasts for maybe 5 minutes, and then my bounce speed must not be to Miss Picky Pants liking, because she wakes right up again.

Okay I started this post around 5pm, then got back to it after midnight, then took a couple baby bounce breaks, now it's nearly one a.m. and I don't think she's going to handle me sitting around much longer. So signing off for now… one very sleepy mama.

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  1. Congratulations! She is just precious. Have you tried a really tight swaddle? My husband will swaddle our little one (tighter than I can). It’s like a sleeping pill. He is out in no time. The tighter the better! Good luck.

  2. i wish i had some advice as to what worked best with my boys, but ummm…it seems your little Tuesday Lee is much like my Jake and well…grammas+aunties+uncles+papas=naps for mom and dad. 🙂

  3. i wish i had some advice as to what worked best with my boys, but ummm…it seems your little Tuesday Lee is much like my Jake and well…grammas+aunties+uncles+papas=naps for mom and dad. 🙂

  4. Oh dear. I was hoping, and hoping all three of you were onto sleeping a few more hours a night. Have you tried the bathroom fan – it makes a nice- somewhat bearable- white noise sound….? (Though we often used this to calm a baby in the midst of a crying jag…it might work for soothing to sleep.) May the force be with you!

  5. That is funny, she is just like my Jake as well! Sleep can be harder for some I suppose. My first never slept, my second never woke up (still love to sleep). She is gorgeous, and you are retaining your sense of humor so far, so your doing better than most. 🙂

  6. I am a random reader of your blog on-and-off. Your baby is precious and I adore her little hats, outfits, and blankets!
    I just wanted to add my younger one sleep like that. Unfortunately, I think it tends to be a character trait instead of a “phase”. She is 3.5 years, only sleeps from 12-7 a.m., and runs full speed ahead the rest of the day. It has been very hard on her need-8-hours-of-sleep mother. 😉

  7. Hey there amber – hang in there! Reading your comments, I was reminded that Georgia needed white noise to fall asleep and STAY asleep as well. We turned the baby phone onto a static station really loud and it would calm her screaming down, and then eventually soothe her to sleep. It didn’t work at ALL on Dean though, he needed the swing. it was the ONLY thing that would put him to sleep (and keep him asleep) period! He is an awesome sleeper now though. Georgia….not so much. Good luck!

  8. Oh man, that sounds miserable. It does look like her eyes are changing…becoming more green and prettier. She really does look a lot like you.

  9. I hope you guys can get some sleep! I see you’re already doing what we did–co-sleeping, and nursing in bed. Clara was a ‘needs less sleep’ baby from the get go. It was a shock after Jacob who slept 15-18 hours a day until he was over 1.
    How much is she nursing during the day? Do she space it out more at night? It sounds like you’ve tried various combos of nursing from only one side, both sides ect.
    Hang in there!

  10. Saw this on and thought you might be interested – lots of helpful ways to save $$ with your new precious baby.
    And don’t worry – the sleep deprivation will all end before you know it – it’s just WHILE IT’S HAPPENING that you feel like it will never end !

  11. Hang in there, Amber. I’ve heard from a lot of new mothers that they are up just as much as you and baby Tuesday. Seems to be an unfortunate “side-effect” of having a wonderfully new baby! By the way, I cracked up laughing at that picture of your girl laying in that chair! She looks squished, but so adorable!

  12. Sleep is for the weak….or at least that’s what they think!! My only piece of advice (although you’re probably sick of all the ‘advice’ by now) is try putting the television on a static channel. Sometimes the white noise works wonders…
    Good luck and hang in there – oh and one more thing – I tried swaddling Logan tighter which worked great for my friends baby….as it turns out he much preferred the sleeping sack. Even now, it’s a light cover for him and that’s it.

  13. Hi there! She’s adorable 😉 The book “Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child” by Marc Weissbluth was so helpful to me.
    Please disregard this if you’re not looking for more advice – – My first wanted to be awake a lot -afraid he’d “miss” something- and I never knew a baby could cry SO MUCH. I got help from other moms with multiple children and learned making sure he stayed awake for a full feeding and a while after was key. He’d look so sweet, fallen asleep just after nursing, but not for long!! Eat/Sleep/Play became our routine. Hang in there, the first few months are the hardest.

  14. I absolutely adore your baby’s wraps and blankets…. not too mention what a cutie she is. I have had many of these moments…. never fear once she hits the 3 month mark she will have found her own rythym and you will be able to have your own routine. Your doing a fantastic job.

  15. oooooo – she is so cute! Congratulations!! hate to say but my sleep deprevation lasted about a year! you’ll get used to it. the cuteness makes up for it!

  16. She is so adorable. I love the hats. Hang in there. It will get better. You are doing all you can and sleeping too. that is important. She’ll find her way soon enough….

  17. she is just the cutest amber, i don’t have any advice in this department mine only woke up to nurse. I think she will get into her rythym soon, hang in there! 🙂

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