Bouncy bouncy

That is the only reason I am posting right now… because I'm sitting on an exercise ball and wearing Tuesday, which I don't mind at all. She has been like this a lot:

Pick me up, pick me up (I think she might also be saying, "knit me a hat that fits!" since she is growing so fast). One of the side effects of her wanting to grow is having to nurse – something we are doing a lot of! It must be that six week growth spurt (she is six weeks Saturday). She is getting lots of cuddling too:

My dad came over to drop off a valentine's present for Tuesday (little red mary janes so cute!), and I said, "oh can you hold her real quick while I pee?" This is very common for me to do when someone comes over. He ended up getting her to sleep and I even got a snack in, we love it when grandparents come to visit! Speaking of, Bill took this of me and her:

Which is awesome because I don't have a ton of us together. I see how it happens now, a combination of always being behind the camera and having just bought size 12 (I know!) jeans. Yikes, can't wait to be cleared to do baby and mama yoga soon. Tuesday is being awesome having so much awake and alert time (it's much nicer than awake and upset time). She likes to lay on the floor and make crazy faces:

To be fair we are making faces back at her:

Bj can always get her to smile. I try not to take it too personally, I think I might be too common of a site. I have been getting very little crafting time in, a tiny bit of spinning:

(this fiber) And making a little bit of progress on the baby surprise jacket. I've also been enhancing my yarn stash by trading on Ravelry (double score).

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  1. I know I say it alot, but you guys are just the cutest! I mean, that little Tuesday, man is she cute or what! and you look just like your dad! wow. I just love familiy resemblances. seriously, that is one cute little baby. so alert. so happy. thanks for all the pics! I have a two year old, just hard to remember he was that small.

  2. Tuesday is absolutely beautiful, Amber Lee! I can’t get over how alert she is and how you seem to be able to tell from her little face just what she’s thinking and feeling.

  3. We so enjoy the family pictures thanks for sharing, little Tuesday is changing daily and her expressions are marvelous!

  4. Oh my gosh! She is getting so big and even cuter than I imagined possible. Could you not just eat her up! You look great and don’t forget, it took you 9 months to gain your baby weight so do not expect it to come off in 6 weeks.
    Kisses to Tuesday!

  5. ack! holy cuteness!
    she’s changed a lot just in the 2 weeks since I’ve seen her!
    that little pink outfit is ADORABLE!
    i’m glad you’ve been able to do some spinning! YAY!

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