In case you think I’m doing it all…

I am so not. The craft den is turning into a holy disaster:

My wanting built in cabinets in here (and ah curtains) might go from a want to a NEED. I have to keep all this space on the floor open for crazy baby paraphernalia. I should put this on flickr and add notes but I think there would have to be too many notes, like how I'm sitting on that ball right now because someone (cough – Tuesday – cough) decided being worn was not enough. She must be worn and bounced. Crazy monkey.

Red tongue courtesy of my horrible father who has no scruples and gave us this for Christmas:

Which is probably why my baby weight loosing has slowed down. Mmmm I should put the rest of those on some ice cream…
I started another project yesterday during Tuesday's epic nap on mama (while I watched TV!!!):

A baby surprise jacket that's already been on four sets of needles and is about to be put on it's fifth. I have a knit picks options set and the size 6 tips are MIA. I asked Sciarirno about it (I think she gets at least one call a week from me that starts like this, "hey I know this is a long shot but have you seen my _____________") and she said that yes she did have them and attached them to my Christmas present so they wouldn't get lost. Of course once she said that I remembered her doing that, now I'm just hoping I didn't throw away the box with the needles on it. And I'm admitting right now that Bj and I can not remember what you got us for Christmas and we're terrible people and could you remind me so that I can… oh wait the bowl! Hmm, no no needles in there, damn. Anyway who only has one size 6 sets of tips? I hear a knit picks order in my future because straights are a no go for this project, and those plastic circulars masquerading as knitting needles? Those are going in the garbage, yuck! Not even good enough to goodwill (which might be where I got them). On a side note I love this Socks that Rock yarn so much, why am I freaking out about Sundara updates?

I would like to tell you that Tuesday wakes up cuter each day. I didn't think it was possible but this morning she was even cuter smiling at me like I wasn't the crazy sleep deprived person I am (or maybe that is why she was smiling). I brought the camera up last night thinking she might do this again (yesterday she started it), but my wonderful photography skills managed to get this as the best shot:

Ah ha ha ha. Someone mentioned they see grandpa in her, and I do here! I was going to leave it at that but I put her in this cute outfit Carmen made, so I unwrapped her and took her to the couch during a brief period of only semi-overcastness (vs. near constant gray):

"ugh mama no -too bright" (I'm beginning to see less and less of myself in this child and more of Bj, seriously.)

Stretch it out.

It's hard work being such a cute little baby. Side note: I have got to find more of these Zutano booties on sale!

Carmen we want another one of these in the next biggest size please! When you get that crazy nesting energy start sewing!

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  1. OK, she is too cute. 🙂 Ahh…I’ve not seen those booties from that label before – but Patagonia makes a similar style. (Or they did) I loved our pair – they stayed on without making indents on our kids feets. Hey, as long as theres food and toilet paper in the house and the occasional load of underwear through the laundry – your are doing wonderful! (And don’t worry, the baby weight does come off – the first few weeks it goes fast…and then you hit a plateau. And right about that time your are cursing the weight – Tuesday will start growing like mad and you will start loosing some more. Breastfeeding diet – gotta love it 🙂 )

  2. Good Morning! Tuesday is just beautiful….and always looks snuggly warm in her little knitted outfits!
    You have inspired me to take up knitting again! I have made 3 of those little hats in the past 3 weeks–yeah me!
    I was wondering if you would post some of your favorite “go to” books on knitting, sewing, etc. I want to start a little library of projects and you always have such good ideas.
    BTW….after I found your site, it quickly became my favorite blog! It’s the 1st thing I do in the morning :>)
    Janie in KY

  3. First, congratulations on your beautiful girl! I totally admire you for delivering the way you did, being so in tune with your body and all! Wow! I was curious if Tuesday fell asleep while you were bouncing on the ball? I did Mommy & Me yoga after my sone was born, and he fell asleep while I held him and bounced on the ball. Rushed right out and got me one of those for home after that!

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