I guess I should have seen this coming…

Ah my little princess is still up (it's currently 12:05 in the morning). And she has napped for a total of I would say 50 minutes today. It's a good thing she is so freaking cute:

She really, really, really likes diaper free time, can you tell?

What a little goof ball.

And boy is she growing! This is a totally different baby from one week ago… she's getting chub! It's so cute. She's so long, her head is bigger, and she is up and alert the whole day (um obviously). I love her oh so much! Now if I could just get a little sleepy sleepy 🙂

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  1. oh man she is so NOT helping me with trying to have just ONE kid! I see her and I am like, MORE MORE MORE I miss them so little and yummy. don’t get me wrong, 2 1/2 is yummy in its own way, but not the brand new yummy!

  2. Sigh! Love her smile! Who wouldn’t like diaper-free time? And the baby chub is THE BEST!!! Baby fat (or baby PHAT as I like to call it) is so great. There’s nothing like a chunky baby to cuddle up with!

  3. Hang in there!! My first never slept, either. I thought he was defective or something…I mean, all the babies in the books sleep all the time, right? He was just too alert, looking around at everything and not being able to turn off his little brain. All night, whenever he went from deep sleep into light sleep, he would wake totally up. Aaargh!!! But, you know, now we know he is really smart and observant, he’s a great kid — also I think food allergies played into it a bit as well. He had to be held all the time, and always wanted to nurse. It was so tough in the beginning. But we did survive and even had another one. It will get better for you. In the meantime, catch naps whenever you can.

  4. She IS so freaking cute!!! I wish I was next door so I could see her everyday! Gosh she is just too cute!

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