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Oh my little bird, she is so cute!

I keep saying that but she keeps getting cuter every day so what am I supposed to say? 30 minutes after I posted the last entry she went to sleep. Imagine my shock when Bj woke me up at 7 to say he thought she needed to be fed… we didn't wake up once in the night! I don't think this will be a regular thing, as she needs to nurse, but the day before we were up in Portland all day and she never napped so I think she really just wore herself out. And last night she did another good night of sleep, but with little eating breaks. Then after we played in the morning for an hour we went back to sleep… until noon. It was wonderful, I really hope I'm raising someone who likes to sleep in, because I really do.

Those very late nights now seem very far back in the distance. She still keeps me plenty busy during the day though, so I'm not sure when I'll have time to tackle this pile:

Mmm yummy new fabric. Our local quilt shop has loyalty punch cards, and I had two full I'd been saving. Their newsletter highlighted this awesome space fabric, so I went to get some for Tuesday, and got a bunch of other fun things as well. I hope to do something like this someday… maybe before she grows into a toddler bed? Ya, that's a good goal.

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  1. I don’t think it’s possible for her to get any cuter than she already is! Such a sweet girl.
    We should have a quilting party. I need to make a twin/full for Miss Clara.

  2. She definitely keeps getting cuter and cuter! What a doll! Just can’t get enough of Miss Tuesday!

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