Mostly fiber related, spinners check in!

With a little Tuesday thrown in…

Because this thing called a nap? Have you heard of it? It is AWESOME!

Now for spinners, I have this idea:
So I just signed up for Funky Carolina's Scrappy Club where you get a bunch of her awesome fibers in a tiny little bunches. Here is an example, and here is an example of one of those bunches spun up. What I was thinking was a swap where spinners could piece off little bits of fiber from various stash bundles that they have to total up four ounces and I could randomly assign a partner to send it to. In return you'd get a four ounce bundle of different fibers to play with. That's my rough outline anyway. Anyone interested? If so I'll put together actual guidelines and a sign up. I'm interested to know how many spinners are out there anyway – hello, hello?

Now I might as well show you some pretty fiber-goodness pictures:

The cool half of my Spunky Eclcetic semi-solid merino sampler.

And some batts from her shop. I've never spun batts before so I'm excited about these. Mmm they look like cotton candy to me, and I love cotton candy!

And I got her club. I know crazy fiber around here, good thing Tuesday seems to like watching the wheel go round, for little bits of time anyway!

Oh and one more picture of Tuesday for kicks:

Sparkle pants is wearing a handknit sweater from my friend, jeans (without crotch snaps – so cute!), and foot finders. Kay I remember you getting some of these for your brother's baby in Maine. I asked you what foot finders were and you said, "Where are my feet? There they are!"

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  1. OH I miss those naps! Of course, you know, I still nap with him…just curled up next to him! It fact today, during the rainstorm, we had a great cuddle. one of the great perks of mommyhood! and she is so cute, I had to turn my laptop twice during this post and say to my Hub, LOOK. AT. HOW. CUTE. SHE. IS!

  2. I love the little yellow sweater. Tuesday looks very cute!
    The spinning exchange sounds fun but how many little bits would each person send to you? I’m a new spinner so I don’t really have a fiber *stash* yet just a few things.

  3. that first photo? that is how georgia and I spent EVERY SINGLE DAY for like four or five months. On the couch, she was on my chest and we both slept the afternoon away, as much as possible. Man. what days. I’d forgotten that, thanks for the memory!

  4. Tuesday is gorgeous! Congrats! I am so in awe of everything you knit, it almost makes we want to learn myself. The colors of fiber are just beautiful, can’t wait to see what else you make!

  5. I think I want to be a spinner, or a knitter, or something to do with all that delicious looking fiber, but sadly I must NOT get addicted to one more activity that I do not have time for. However, I have wondered about dyeing fiber if you use the same fiber-reactive dye that I use for my tie dyes.

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