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Oh man Tuesday is going for day three of awesome sleep! Seriously, I don't want to jinx myself but it's 9:23 and she's been in bed for an hour already. Oh and what was that? Did she nap? Yes she did… twice!

let's look at that little chub-a-lub up close:

I can't help it we're so new to the nap thing I needed proof. Don't tell me we're going to be up at like 4am, I plenty scared about that already.

So since you had some great advice on that, let's tackle this:

Miss Sparkle Pants' name could also be Miss Hates to Travel By Car, seriously. We went two places this weekend and both got us on the freeway and up to speeds that used to appease the little princess. But 65 just isn't cutting it anymore. We had to take out the nice soft bundleme padding because she was working herself up into a sweat! We've tried music, rolling down the windows, making it hot, making it cold, holding onto her arms and holding her tight, pacifiers (oh she hates these, spits out every kind we can find), rubbing her belly, and crying with her. She just can't handle it. We took down the mirror she was looking at thinking that maybe she was getting car sick (Bj gets really car sick and it is genetic). I don't know what else to do, so ideas? I can't go anywhere around town because I never get going fast enough to even have a chance. Good thing there are lots of places we can walk to!

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  1. Aw, Tuesday’s “World’s Cutest Baby” shirt is the best! Very fitting.
    I hope you figure something out with the car traveling. 🙂 I’m sure someone will have good ideas.

  2. ummmmmmmm, her age. she’ll grow out of it? actually, she won’t, not really. but if she continues to be like Georgia, she’ll scream bloody murder and nothing you can do will fix it. I actually sat with her almost until Dean was born to keep her occupied (after the screaming phase). good luck…

  3. My last also had some tummy issues and hated his smaller, carry around carseat. He did much better when we switched him to the more permanent, rear-facing-when-they-are-small-forward-facing-when-they-are-bigger combination carseat. That might be worth a try. Less convenient for you, but the screaming is hard to take too! (been there…) Good luck! I’ll see if I can think of anything else…

  4. She is definitely worlds cutest baby and I hope she slept in for you. Have you tried just sitting her in the car seat inside the house to get her used to it, with a few toys dangled in front of her? Then give her treats if she doesn’t cry… just kidding that only works when she’s much older! She will grow out of it and until then you have Grandma come over and take care of her so you can run errands;)!

  5. Just a thought – does Tuesday spend any none car time in the carseat? We used to use it as our ‘seat’ at the dining table while we adults were eating and just chat away at the babies. Same thing for when I was making dinner, I would put it up where I could see the baby and just chat away. When we were out and about at friends houses (we had the first round of kids) that’s a place where the baby would sleep. So I don’t think our kids ever really new when we were going for a ride or not. *chuckling* Maybe if she doesn’t assoicate it with a car ride then she’ll be a bit calmer for a trip.
    Though some kids are just fussy in the car. Or they go through periods of fussiness. And some kids who were fussy rear facing are happy as can be forward facing.
    Hey, another thought – have you sung to her in the car? I was usually able to eek out a few minutes more if I sang to my fussy one. (Seattle traffic, some days you went no where fast). I won’t say that it was the miracle cure, but I was usually able to stall the all out ‘mom I’m dying here’ cries.
    Sorry this isn’t more helpful. Every kid is different, and every situation is different. *grin* Just gotta go with what ever feels right to you.

  6. I had one of these. Wait, three! We thought everyone else’s kids would go to sleep in the car, why not ours? My youngest stayed awake crying and fussing the whole way to Houston (5 hr trip) when he was a baby. I was amazed (and pulled my hair!).
    Mine didn’t like the carseat either! I’m simply amazed at those babies who will sit happily in their carseat next to mom while she’s doing something important. We practiced in the house some, but they’d just cry so much I didn’t do that for long. All I know is that it didn’t last forever, and we made it through. Maybe try one of those blankies that have tags? Does she like teethers? I would think she might need some soothing – – I blame every fussiness for the first 2 years on TEETH!

  7. You said you tried hot and cold, so you may have already done this, but when I turned the interior fan of my car on high, it almost always put my little buy to sleep. Still does ocassionally.

  8. Oh, my that brings back memories. My first would scream constantly in the car. Sometimes singing to him helped. I would stop pretty often and nurse him, too. It was really hard. He did eventually outgrow it, but I never found much that worked. He was one of those that wanted to be held all the time, so I think he hated being alone back there, not being able to see me, stuck in an uncomfortable seat.
    Oh well, he travels well, now – 6 years later!!

  9. oh my word…those cheeks! total cuteness.
    i’m so happy to hear miss tuesday is being a good sleeper…
    but hmmmm…the evil car. i have no advice, accept to take your mom’s advice – let her come hang with tuesday while you run errands! 🙂

  10. all 3 of my boys HATED the carseat…screamed the WHOLE ride!! they were all belly sleepers, so i felt like it was because they were stuck on their back in the carseat and couldn’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep. eventually they outgrew it, but it took a long time.

  11. Not much help either other than they do out grow it. Jessica was never a problem. Simon hated it for the first 6 months or so.

  12. I so feel your pain!!! My baby is now 13 months and hated his infant seat. He never did like the car seat until he was old enough to face forward (about a month ago). We had that same peg perego infant seat and switched out of it and bought a big car seat (britax) and had it rear facing, it seemed to hep some. Honestly, the thing that worked the most was using a breast pad. One of my older kids actually thought of it. They would put it near his face and just the smell of the breast milk on it seemed to calm him and they would often be able to get him to go to sleep while I was driving. I really am not the type to comment much or admit the fact that we had to put a breast pad near my babies face but, since I was just in that position not to long ago, I can totally relate!
    P.S. I read everything that was posted on this subject at Baby center. com too.

  13. My husband rode in the back seat with dd until we turned her forward facing at 2. She couldn’t handle having me in the back seat because she wanted to nurse but she enjoyed having him there.

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