Easy Announcements

I just wanted to share a super simple announcement idea that I am attempting to get out the door here soon for Tuesday Lee:

The cards are from paper zone, a natural cream with rounded corners. I also picked up the photo corners there. I had the photos printed at Shutterfly (so that I could have the back stamped with her birthday and name at no extra charge).

And the back I had my mom print off for me. I have room for thank you notes for all the wonderful things we've gotten since she's been born. Now I just need a few more of these to get it done:

There's a baby under there. Nap time on the stairs – safety first at our house 🙂

5 Replies to “Easy Announcements”

  1. They look great!

  2. I love the announcements! They look classic!
    Sometimes you have to take naptime whenever/wherever they decide!

  3. These announcements look wonderful!!!! And why is your baby asleep on the stairs? No judgement, just a question…

  4. teehee! that is the perfect spot for miss tuesday to nap while you’re busy crafting in your room! 🙂
    the announcements look GREAT! love the classic design!

  5. So cute! I was trying to decide if I should make my own or buy them…at this rate I’ll probably end up buying them just for the convenience factor!

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