Pretending to Sit

I got one of these chairs from Michele and I've been trying to sit Tuesday in it for a while. This is the first time she came close to being able to:
That lasts for a whole 15 seconds or so before we get this:
That's when I rescue her. Hehehe it cracks me up. I think if she was a little more solid it might work better. But she's so skinny she slips around in there.

I might have pictures of a really awesome finished project tomorrow. Buttons, I'm trying to get on buttons.

5 Replies to “Pretending to Sit”

  1. Oh she just cracks me up… soooo cute!

  2. Haha, she needs to build some endurance!

  3. Babies can be slippery little suckers! Don’t worry, she’ll be sittin up on her own (and walking and talking) before you know it!

  4. Haha! 🙂 She is too cute! 🙂

  5. teeheeeee! this made me giggle!

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