The cuteness continues

Oh my goodness Tuesday has started this pre-talking babbling thing and it is so cute I could just die! We got a little bit on video so I'll have to see if Bj can get it online. That is a new development as of today. I am reminded that I should write this kind of thing down on the calendar a friend got us, but the thing is I never remember. It is a good thing I have the blog. I do still want to do a blub book of my four years of blogging (oops I forgot the anniversary of it this year). Anyway back to what's happening now.

Yesterday for easter we went over to my mom's where we were joined by my grandma. Check it out three generations:
Hmmm we should have got one with my mom in it, we'll have to try again. My grandma did point out to me that I have very few pictures on the blog with Tuesday and Bj. He is always working during the hours of good light. Now that it's staying lighter later I hope to change that. Tutu hung out in her favorite place at my mom's:
The awesome vintage buggy from our friend Chris. My mom likes to put Tuesday in there and coo at her:
I think Tuesday likes that too.

The main thing I had to do this weekend was all my tax stuff. Ugh. I always wait until the last minute. My accountant actually called me at home on Saturday. I was working on Quickbooks when he called and I told him so. I think he probably though, "ya right." But I did manage to drop everything off this morning. Phew. So I was finally able to take a picture of the yarn I made up for an hourglass sweater:
I already started knitting it up while Sparkle Pants was sleeping on my lap, but now I'm re-thinking my needle choice. I think the fabric I'm getting might be too dense. I also want to start something with this yumminess:
Mmm it's so soft (rav link).

My photo shoot assistant:
Mr. Purple. A new friend from papa. I keep it on my bed to keep her busy while I take pictures of the fiber yumminess.

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  1. i can’t wait to hear her little voice!
    and as soon as i’m all moved + settled (i’m moving into the apartment next door to mine – ha!) i’m coming to visit. she’s growing too fast and i need a baby fix! 😉

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