Bj and I were discussing ways we could get into better shape, and have decided we need incentives.

Bj: "Okay so how about this? You get down to 120 and you can have $X for the craft room."
(I want new cabinets in here)

Amber: "Ugh, 120, that's like 20 pounds."

Bj: "You've weighed that before."

Me: "I weighed 110 when you met me."

Bj: "I can't believe you were ever that small."

Me: ____________

Bj: "Wait no, you're taking that the wrong way."

Me: "How is the right way to take that."

Bj: "I mean you've always only been this tall." (holds hand up to his neck).

Me: (mimes digging a hole).

It is so on!

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  1. *lol* My hubby and I were just having a conversation very similar to yours last night. I told him I had to ease into this… know maybe buy a workout outfit…and a sports bra…then I’ll THINK about it. Its enough in my day to watch 3 kids, when I’m not on kid duty, house duty, accountant, laundry etc..I want to play with fiber, not sweat and stink! But *Grin* I’ll cheer you all on! (Until I can’t button my jeans…then I’ll join the crowd!)

  2. You had a baby. What’s his excuse?
    The weather is on your side this week. Go Team Amber Lee!

  3. The last time I weighed 120 let alone 110 was when I was tutu’s age…I digress, if you need any ideas, pointers, advice, coxing etc. you let me know. Just keep walking and drinking water….the water in a diet coke doesn’t count.

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