Argh, the second time making this post, darn you internet and your weak signal!

So this last week Tutu and I have been hanging out with lots of our friends big and small. At the beginning of the week we got together all of the Capricorn babies (all born with in two weeks of each other and were due on the same day) for pictures. Most turned out like this:
So funny and cute. Isn't that always the way with pictures of lots of kids together? We did get some good ones though:
(from the left: William, Tuesday, and Lachlan) Later we all went to the park for a picnic lunch and ending up hanging out for hours. The weather was perfect and the kids loved it:
More babies-1
Karen was also with us, along with her beautiful little girls. Four weeks old and she is already going on adventures with them, rock on Karen! They are not quite as mobile of course, so we didn't want our crazy five month olds mixing it up with them yet.
More babies-4
Mama baby love! The girls are chillin right behind Lachlan and Tracy in their mega stroller.
More babies-9
Donna holds one of them while William rests. Sorry Karen I need to get better at capturing your sweet girls. Goodness knows it goes fast! The next day we were lucky enough to have my friend Beachwood come down and visit with us:
We love you Katie!!! And I love that T-shirt, I put it on her pretty much whenever it's clean:
Of course all this merriment wears a girl out, so we sleep while we can:
Speaking of crazy sleepers (she throws her head back like this every night – even when swaddled!) I have to start the next project:
A bumper for the crib – yes crib! She's outgrowing the sweet little cradle. So we went today to pick out a crib. I am going to make an effort to get the nursery done up all extra cute soon and give you all a little tour of it. I have some cute ideas. Right now I'm off to clean up the craft den before any cute little fingers find their way to not so cute paper piercers!

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  1. Such great pics! Thanks for sharing! Those babies are so sweet… especially Miss Tuesday! Love Grandma

  2. Tuesday has such a HUGE smile!! It is so adorable! I can’t wait to see her in August! Super cute baby legs too! Now that I have little Chloe, I just can’t wait to see her smile (on purpose) 🙂 I have so much to look forward to, as you have shown me with Tuesday!

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