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Besides the text sometimes coming out wonky I love being able to instantly post photos from my phone. I’ve been back through them recently and often forget about the little moments I was trying to capture. This is from our drive yesterday. I think I need to make this girl a baby friendly scrapbook, she loves looking at photos… and sometimes eats them 🙂 Mobile Blogging

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  1. Thanx for popping by my blog and commenting…. I looked it up on wiki (not sure how acurate they are these days ??) and it says that flannellette is flannel in Nrth America. (heres the link Its the soft stuff winter pj’s are made out of. Let me know how you go with your nakey bums…. they have saved us a few times here. 😉

  2. super cool photo album. Chloe is jelous!! What a great idea!! I never would have thought of that!!!

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