Oh baby it's the beach! Bj got a surprise day off of work (he finished a project early), so we decided to head over to the coast for the day before the holiday crowds. I was so interested to see what Tuesday thought of it. At first it didn't seem she noticed much of anything. We ate at Mo's and when we walked out to the little boardwalk near there all Tuesday wanted to do was play with the toy Taro got her. Things changed when we got to the actual beach part of the coast. It was so windy (and thus a little cold down there), I was unsure how she would take it. 

I think saying she loved it would be an understatement. The girl ATE IT UP. We held her over incoming waves and she was so giggly and cute about them.
Oh my goodness I could take her here everyday. 
I think it's the perfect combination of things for Tuesday to like: lots of people, birds, water, loud sounds (so so loud), and the wind just topped it off, she was thrilled by it. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect reaction from her. I have a video of it, but I got super squeaky and excited, so I overshadow her giggles a bit – oops! 
Someday we'll go to more of beach and less of a coast and she'll wonder where all the cold and wind went. But I think one things for certain – we have a water lover on our hands!

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  1. Those are some fantastic pictures!! You guys make the perfect family. Tuesday looks so happy! She must be a true Oregonian if she likes the windy chilly Oregon Coast that much! Congrats BJ on finishing your job early!

  2. How funny that she loved it so much! I’m glad you guys got to get in a mini vacation 🙂

  3. So strange to see rocks on a beach! I know it’s a long way away, but if you ever get a chance to visit the Florida gulf coast it is just beautiful. We go there every summer, and are actually on our way down to Destin this Saturday! She’s such a cute beach baby!

  4. We have been down there once, Bj has family there. I could not believe how warm it was. Going into our water is something you do when you lose a bet!

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