Last night went much better, and tonight looks to be more of the same – yeah! It still takes a while to get Tuesday down. We had Sciarrino over tonight and thought we'd give her a little go at it, she got a bit weepy (Tuesday not Sciarrino). When I came in the room she reached out for me and quieted instantly. I really can't believe I have that effect on her. I mean I guess I'm with her all day long so I don't really have to share her much. It sure does make me feel good that she recognizes I'm her mama and that I make her so happy. She makes me super happy as well. Especially when she looks as cute as she did today:

This is one of our Chase N' Sky out fits. I don't know if I've mentioned, but the owner/designer is a family friend. Super fabulous and stylish. Bj loves this outfit even more than I do, and did not want to change Tutu out of her little bloomers and dress. He even said he wished we didn't have to put her down because she was dressed so cute. Indeed she was. I tried to get a good picture of the ruffly bottom:
Heheh. It looked really cute when she stood up and just a little bit of it peeked out. 

Tuesday and I took our cute selves around a bit today with William and Donna. We stopped at Reruns For Kids, a used clothing store that benefits a program that fights child abuse. I didn't know it but the first business day there are dollar days so we got some fun things:
More sun hats (her head is growing!), four dresses, a long sleeved tee with cute embroidery and some crazy pants all for under 12 bucks! We ate downtown, then Sciarrino and I got things ready for the 4th of July BBQ. I don't really know where the evening went actually, hmm… 

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  1. I love Reruns…I don’t go nearly often enough though…harder to find cute, non stained clothes big enough for Clara…
    That outfit IS super cute. I love the bloomers, and the top looks so soft!

  2. I had never heard of Chase and Sky until I started stopping by the MamaBargains website. They have their stuff once in awhile. So cute! 🙂 Glad the night time is starting to be a bit better!!

  3. Tuesday’s thought process when I went in for bedtime duty:
    Tuesday, “Hello Aunt Sciarrino! What are you doing here at my bedtime? [huge smiles]… wait, what ARE YOU doing here? Were are my Mama and Papa? THEY WERE JUST HERE! [sobbing starts]. I WANT THEM! I NEED THEM! [10 minutes of uncontrollable tears and frantically looking from side-to-side for her parents]
    In steps Amber/Mama. Tuesday reaches out for her and immediately snuggles into her neck, “Mama, I love you more than you’ve ever loved anything. [she can be so dramatic] Can I PLEASE go to sleep now!”
    It was an incredibly adorable series of events to see unfold. To have that affect on another human is incredible. Amber & BJ, you must be doing 10,000 things right!

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