Six Months

My lovely little Tutu yesterday, on your six month, 1/2 birthday, your papa and I ditched you. That’s right, you’re a half year old and we decide to go to the Coldplay concert. See the thing is I never thought six months would come this fast, it was so like, in the future. I think you were only about a month old when we got the tickets. I said to your papa, “do you think we’ll be able to leave her by July 10th.” Oh certainly he thought. But last night was that time and it was not so easy to leave you, even though your favorite auntie Sciarrino was watching you and I knew you girls would have fun. I thought about you the whole concert. Though I have to admit, when our view of Chris Martin went from this:

Six months-8
to this:
Six months-9
you may have slipped out of my mind for a moment. 

You did survive with out us though, only taking one bottle in 9 hours (way to go on a huger strike Sparkly Pants), and making Sciarrino carry you all night in the Baby Hawk. I am so lucky and grateful that I rarely do leave your side and that I get to nurse you so often (as often as you like). 
Six months-1
You are so curious. I do not get bored being with you all day, quite the opposite, you wear me out little one! I am constantly telling you what this is, or how that works. You look at me and I feel like you just want to know things, so I tell you. 
Six months-3
You are quite a petite little wonder, people comment on it all the time. You can twist and move your little body all sorts of ways now. I get the feeling you might never crawl, you love to stand and try walking when we hold your hands, and I’m afraid you might skip right to that step. 
Six months-2
Your little feet are still so small though, that I’ve never even put shoes on you. But your papa does have me try your baby Uggs on you every week, just to check. Speaking of trying things on you, I love dressing you up. If you spit up, I never mind, I have a back up outfit ready to go. 

I’ve started signing to you. Not baby sign language, I don’t know that, but actual American Sign Language, the kind I learned when I was in grade school. I’m surprised how much comes back to me and I just use it while I talk to you if I’m not holding you. You love watching me do it, and when I sign that you are mama’s beautiful little girl you always smile. I am always caught between wanting to give you every opportunity to learn something and taking a little time for myself to do a crafty project (or ten). You are always with me, and feed on demand, so that doesn’t give mama a whole lot of time. Sometimes this does frustrate me, but you never do. I think the days of me having to constantly entertain you are over. You are always reaching for some toy or checking out your hands and feet. More often it looks like you are having so much fun I just have to stop what I am doing and come hang out with you.

We’re going to figure out the sleep/work/eat/play thing soon, I know. Already the first few months seem like a distant memory. Sorry I’m your personal paparazzi, but I have to get every little bit of you down so I can remember you this way forever. 

I love you, and if you tried to guess how much you probably wouldn’t even come close to what I feel for you, it’s that big of a love. 

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  1. When she gets a little older, if you are ok with her watching TV, Baby Signing Time is wonderful! We got a video for dd when she was just a little over a year and she LOVED it 🙂 It’s very, very cute :). Congrats Tuesday for the 6-month birthday!

  2. I never crawled – I went straight to walking…at 7 months. 🙂 I know so many moms “warn” you not to rush your kids walking, but I was so looking forward to it with Brie, and I just love that he walks. It’s a blast. The hard part with kids isn’t the walking (really, it’s just the same as crawling) it’s that they get LONG ARMS! 🙂 Brice rolled and crawled very late, but walked at 10 months, so never worry about if she’s taking too long. It really is individual to each child. She’s a doll!

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