You win some, you loose some


Sleepy time in the toddler seat. That's right after 6.5 months in the bassinet I finally caved and put the toddler seat on the stroller. It's still a little big, as you can see my little worm managed to get her arm out while walking. But the sunshade is much better, and I can sit her up a little if she likes. I would never have done this if she couldn't be facing me.
Because I like chatting with her oh so much. It is fun to point more things out to her this way. I was chatting it up for a while and when we turned the corner I lifted the inner sun shade a bit to check on her, she was out. So really I had been talking to myself, oh well 🙂

My attempts at cute thank you cards.
I guess she is still a little young for this idea.
Mmmm tasty cardstock, good thing it's acid free.

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  1. I like the last photo. Definitely not a loss!! You can still read the “thank you” and it’s cute that’s she’s chewing on the cardstock 🙂 Gives it a little character!

  2. Definitely not a lose with that little cutie… regardless if she is eating the thank you!

  3. Hey Amber!
    I have the same griaffe toy…is that good for teething? I got it from my aunt who says it’s awesome. I think they are produced in France, that’s what she told me anyway. Let me know your thought on it! 🙂
    Hope you are well!

  4. does this mean I’m off the hook for note cards? Those are some cute picts btw.

  5. Yeah what were you thinking, they look awful….awfully cute that is 🙂 She looks so freaking adorable! I dont think you can take a bad pic of her! They are great cards, you could sell them!

  6. Caroline, Oh my goodness we love Sophie! We actually heard about her from a couple of French students in our birthing classes. They had one and said that babies loved them. It’s true, it’s been her favorite for about two months now (since she was a little over four months old). Hope you are well!

  7. Hero Arts makes a “thank you” stamp in a word bubble. I printed out a regular picture of my little one and stuck a cut out stamp on a foam dot on top of the picture. Just another idea of how you could do it.

  8. Oh my gosh! That would be such a cute card to use all three images skinnied up next to each other! You could use type over the photos that say “Thank You” although I think people will get the idea. 🙂 I’m going to have to see if I can get Brice to cooperate and do this for me at Christmas time.

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