I have a few separate posts planned about our trip, but first a pictorial overview.

Hand holding-1

Kenai Lake (good thing you posted the name of it on your blog Carmen!)


Carmen and I on kayaks, first time, I loved it!


Carmen and Chloe, me and Tutu.


Early morning train ride, sunglasses for the sunrise (it was really early).


Amazing views from the train.


Us in Seward (destination of the train that day).


Papas and babies!


It was a long adventure day:


Beautiful Chloe:


Trying to get a joint shot:


"Chloe you have ears!"


"Chloe you are so tasty!"


"Why can't I eat Chloe?"

And for the grand finale:


The reason we had to lower the crib when we got home – Sparkly Pants what are you doing?!?!

7 Replies to “Alaska”

  1. You got so many great pictures!! I can’t wait to see the other ones you have! I am glad you have some of us together, because it seems I only took pictures of andrew and BJ! My favortie is of Tuesday “kissing” Chloe 🙂

  2. Favorite photo = Sunglasses. It made me laugh…again. What a great adventure with Carmen, Andrew, Chloe, Tuesday and Amber!

  3. OMG, the picture of you Garrisons (Tuesday in the swing) is soooooo cute!!!!! From this first set of photos, it looks like you all had a great time. What beautiful scenery!

  4. I love the Tuesday/Chloe montage. 😉
    And I’ve very jealous you got to go kayaking. We usually go a couple times a year and didn’t go once this year. I guess the baby changes those things…

  5. Great pictures! I love to kayak, but I’ve never done it in a setting so beautiful!

  6. i told you in person, but i have to say it again…
    those chloe + tuesday photos are SO cute! i love that she’s trying to eat her cute friend chloe!

  7. Great, Fun Pictures! Love the baby pics!

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