13 months, 1 car

So it's been just about 13 months since Bj and I decided to go with the one car system. I have to say I love it. I know Bj doesn't always feel the same way (part of that could be his love affair with a certain Audi), but it is working for us. I have found that over time things I never thought I do by walking seem like no big deal, like going downtown. We are lucky enough to both work from home, and to live with in a couple of miles of the city center. When Bj does have to go into work I don't find myself stuck at home often, unless I want to be. Friday was the perfect example of an impromptu adventure with Tuesday and the stroller. After a fun morning of learning new tricks:

We packed up and headed out. I had to drop off my packages at the post office (a mile and a half away) and Donna was already out and about with William so we met up with her for a few blocks, saying goodbye at the park. After the park it was to the post office, then I figured we could pop into a used bookstore.


One of those books was my favorite when I was little, Who Want an Old Teddy Bear (oh my gosh I didn't know that was part of series!!!). I stopped at an eyeglass shop to try on some sunglasses, mine have been missing going on three weeks and I'm starting to give up hope. Sciarrino met us at Greenbaum's where I found the perfect fabric to back the new quilt. And maybe a few other things as well (hey I had a coupon from the fair). We ate dinner at a new little place I hadn't tried before and then popped over to TJ Max where Sciarrino found a dress for our next adventure. I found one too, and then had to feed Tuesday in the dressing room and remembered why I haven't been wearing any of my dresses – it's impossible to nurse in them! We walked Sciarrino to the bus station, and that was as far as Tutu got.


It was seven by this time and starting to get dusky. So wonderful, the city was turning quiet as I pushed her up over the hill and back through the park. This was my favorite part of the day, dare I say week.


Kids were running around, crickets chirping, wind was blowing, and the light was just lovely. I pulled up to my house after popping in to say hello to my neighbor and realized I wouldn't have had that experience if we had a second car. I would have just driven downtown and skipped the extra stuff. Just going where I needed to go. It might not always be the easiest thing, but I think the benefits far out weigh any annoying aspects the single car life, at least for now.

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  1. It has worked out well with just one car. Not to mention that is probably the cutest smile I have seen from her in that video. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh Tuesday looks like she is going to be walking any day now! She is so adorable! Pink is a good color on her…I hardly ever see her in it! And also, I want to go to the one car system. We really only use 2 cars once or twice a month..other than that our car just sits in the garage loosing resale value, and racking up insurance premiums…..

  3. Love that you get out and walk with her! I remember how much I enjoyed my outings with you! Thanks for the little video update of Tuesday! So enjoy her precious smile! and I have to agree with Carmen, Love her in Pink!

  4. I love baby babble! I don’t think we could ever give up one of our cars. Of course I would have to walk about 10 miles to get to the nearest anything so that might be a valid reason!

  5. check out her standing there! go tuesday! 🙂
    i had a fun afternoon with you two on saturday (and it was great meeting erin + donna too!) and i can’t wait to see a picture of your new purchase! did bj love it?!

  6. Oh, I would so love to be a 1 car family – but we just live too far in the country for that. it is something possible right now while my husband is out of work, but still kind of scary to go down to one car…i think it is great that it works for your family.

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